Bridgend & District Quiz League

Division 2 Results

Division 2   
3rd October 2022
Prince of Wales Rebels3949Pheasant Pluckers
Laleston Inn B4440Tondu Railway Locos
Chatterton Arms Shunters4841Red Cow Maesteg
Pheasant Gamekeepers4839Cabo Roche A
10th October 2022
Tondu Railway Locos4342Prince of Wales Rebels
Red Cow Maesteg4349Pheasant Pluckers
Cabo Roche A4646Laleston Inn B
Pheasant Gamekeepers4654Chatterton Arms Shunters
17th October 2022
Prince of Wales Rebels5232Red Cow Maesteg
Cabo Roche A4441Tondu Railway Locos
Pheasant Gamekeepers4648Pheasant Pluckers
Chatterton Arms Shunters4738Laleston Inn B
24th October 2022
Cabo Roche A3945Prince of Wales Rebels
Red Cow Maesteg4940Pheasant Gamekeepers
Tondu Railway Locos3447Chatterton Arms Shunters
Pheasant Pluckers4643Laleston Inn B
31st October 2022
Prince of Wales Rebels4147Pheasant Gamekeepers
Chatterton Arms Shunters5143Cabo Roche A
Laleston Inn B4145Red Cow Maesteg
Pheasant Pluckers4940Tondu Railway Locos
14th November 2022
Chatterton Arms Shunters4841Prince of Wales Rebels
Pheasant Gamekeepers4146Laleston Inn B
Cabo Roche A4042Pheasant Pluckers
Red Cow Maesteg4144Tondu Railway Locos
28th November 2022
Laleston Inn B4044Prince of Wales Rebels
Pheasant Pluckers4751Chatterton Arms Shunters
Tondu Railway Locos3949Pheasant Gamekeepers
Red Cow Maesteg4342Cabo Roche A
5th December 2022
Pheasant Pluckers3736Prince of Wales Rebels
Tondu Railway Locos2448Laleston Inn B
Red Cow Maesteg3948Chatterton Arms Shunters
Cabo Roche A3650Pheasant Gamekeepers
9th January 2023
Prince of Wales Rebels5043Tondu Railway Locos
Pheasant Pluckers5444Red Cow Maesteg
Laleston Inn B4739Cabo Roche A
Chatterton Arms Shunters6144Pheasant Gamekeepers
16th January 2023
Red Cow Maesteg4552Prince of Wales Rebels
Tondu Railway Locos4444Cabo Roche A
Pheasant Pluckers4944Pheasant Gamekeepers
Laleston Inn B4849Chatterton Arms Shunters
23rd January 2023
Prince of Wales Rebels4336Cabo Roche A
Pheasant Gamekeepers4639Red Cow Maesteg
Chatterton Arms Shunters5739Tondu Railway Locos
Laleston Inn B3844Pheasant Pluckers
6th February 2023
Pheasant GamekeepersPrince of Wales Rebels
Cabo Roche AChatterton Arms Shunters
Red Cow MaestegLaleston Inn B
Tondu Railway LocosPheasant Pluckers
13th February 2023
Prince of Wales RebelsChatterton Arms Shunters
Laleston Inn BPheasant Gamekeepers
Pheasant PluckersCabo Roche A
Tondu Railway LocosRed Cow Maesteg
20th February 2023
Prince of Wales RebelsLaleston Inn B
Chatterton Arms ShuntersPheasant Pluckers
Pheasant GamekeepersTondu Railway Locos
Cabo Roche ARed Cow Maesteg
27th February 2023
Prince of Wales RebelsPheasant Pluckers
Laleston Inn BTondu Railway Locos
Chatterton Arms ShuntersRed Cow Maesteg
Pheasant GamekeepersCabo Roche A
6th March 2023
Tondu Railway LocosPrince of Wales Rebels
Red Cow MaestegPheasant Pluckers
Cabo Roche ALaleston Inn B
Pheasant GamekeepersChatterton Arms Shunters
13th March 2023
Prince of Wales RebelsRed Cow Maesteg
Cabo Roche ATondu Railway Locos
Pheasant GamekeepersPheasant Pluckers
Chatterton Arms ShuntersLaleston Inn B
20th March 2023
Cabo Roche APrince of Wales Rebels
Red Cow MaestegPheasant Gamekeepers
Tondu Railway LocosChatterton Arms Shunters
Pheasant PluckersLaleston Inn B
27th March 2023
Prince of Wales RebelsPheasant Gamekeepers
Chatterton Arms ShuntersCabo Roche A
Laleston Inn BRed Cow Maesteg
Pheasant PluckersTondu Railway Locos
3rd April 2023
Chatterton Arms ShuntersPrince of Wales Rebels
Pheasant GamekeepersLaleston Inn B
Cabo Roche APheasant Pluckers
Red Cow MaestegTondu Railway Locos
17th April 2023
Laleston Inn BPrince of Wales Rebels
Pheasant PluckersChatterton Arms Shunters
Tondu Railway LocosPheasant Gamekeepers
Cabo Roche ARed Cow Maesteg