Monday 26th March saw the finals of the Cup and Plate competitions for this season, with the spoils going to the Llangewydd Arms and Oldcastle 'A' teams respectively.
The AGM followed the quizzes, with very special thanks being offered to the outgoing Treasurer of the League, Mr.Richard Fattorini, who has served the
League excellently for many years,  and to the committee and staff of Tondu Railway Club for the use of their facilities once again.
Members of the Committee were elected, these being:-
Alun Tingle - Chairman
Andrea Kingscott - Vice Chairman
Phil Ley - Treasurer
Alan Rudge - Publicity
Steve Kingscott - Secretary
Mark Hampson - 2nd Division Representative
David Rees - Quiz compiler
Finances were discussed and it was agreed that next season's subscription fees would rise to 40 per team.
And also, due to lack of sponsorship and to save costs, it was decided that individual trophies to winners would no longer be awarded.
As you may be aware, next season we celebrate the League's 40th anniversary and the booking of Mark Labbett was confirmed for the registration evening on September 3rd, once again at Tondu Railway Club.
To those who watch ITV's 'The Chase' Mark Labbett (aka 'The Beast') will be a familiar figure.

Mark will attend on the evening and will bring a team to play in the Muriel Williams Quiz and will also present the trophies and give a talk on his
various quizzing experiences.
The committee are hopeful that a TV personality's appearance will bolster interest in our Quiz League and will encourage further teams to join.
Publicity is key to a successful evening and it is therefore a necessity to spread the word to those who may be interested.
Finally, if anyone has any ideas regarding potential sponsors, could you please contact me on 01656 722754 or alternatively leave a message on the website.
Steve Kingscott (for BDQL)
Stop Press
Please be informed of the forthcoming events.
1.      Cup and Plate Finals
These will be held on Monday 26th March at Tondu Railway Club,
the contesting teams being:-
Llangewydd Arms v Six Bells
Oldcastle 'A' v Coychurch Wanderers
2.       Annual General Meeting
This will take place after the above finals.
The committee urges every team to send a representative to the AGM as there are several important items for discussion, particularly
(a)  Elections for the committee, including vacancies for the posts of          Secretary and Treasurer.
(b)  Ideas for improving the finances of the League, which have been declining recently in the absence of sponsorship.
(c)  Plans for celebrating the League's Fortieth Anniversary in September 2012, which include an evening where television personality Mark Labbett (The Beast from ITV's The Chase) has been invited to the Annual Presentation Evening.
3.  Any motions for discussion should be forwarded to either Alan Rudge ( or Steve Kingscott ( at least seven days before the AGM.
The draw has taken place for the semi-finals of the Cup and Plate competition to be played on 27th February 2012.
Llangewydd Arms v Tyrisha Nomads
Six Bells v Laleston Inn 'A'
Oldcastle 'A' v Tyrisha Royals
Pheasant Poachers v Coychurch Wanderers



The Bridgend Quiz League celebrates its 40th anniversary in September of this year. The committee would welcome any suggestions regarding how we might celebrate this important milestone in the league's history.

It has been suggested that the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, who lives in, and was brought up in Bridgend, be invited to the Muriel Williams registration and quiz evening in September in order to present the prizes. Tentative inquiries suggest that he would be happy to do so and his presence would also bring with it much needed positive publicity. His attendance would be non political but in order to proceed, the committee would welcome individual views on this idea.

Please leave ideas on the forum or, alternatively, email

Steve Kingscott on

Dear All,
Contestant call for BBC Four's quiz Only Connect - the quiz where general knowledge meets lateral thinking enters its sixth series.


Victoria Coren presents the 6th series of the popular BBC Four quiz show Only Connect where, as in life itself, knowledge will only take you so far: patience and lateral thinking are also vital. Its all about making connections between things which may appear, at first glance, not to be connected at all.

Were looking for teams of three players who share a common passion, ability or profession, to pool their combined wits to solve fiendish conundrums and vexing puzzles.


Only Connect is produced for the BBC by Presentable Ltd.



All applicants must be 18 years of age and over on the 31st January 2012.

All applicants must be resident in the UK or Channel Islands.

Past contestants and employees of Presentable, Zodiak Group of companies, the BBC or close relations are ineligible to apply.  



To request an application form please email including a contact telephone number.

The last two matches of the year took place this week:-
In the 2nd round of the KO Cup Tondu Railway Club lost their 'unbeaten this season' tag when Cabo Roche were victors by 59 points to 55.
In the 1st round of the Plate, Oldcastle 'A' had their expected victory against Pheasant Gamekeepers, winning 67-46.
In the matches played on Monday, December 5th, Six Bells did well to score 41 points against Llangewydd Arms. It was a pity really to get a score that would win most games but for the fact their opponents topped it with 51 of their own to maintain their 100% record. Tyrisha Nomads have second place to themselves after their 45-39 win against their Inn-mates, the Royals who, after slipping behind early on, came back a bit in the second half. Oldcastle 'A' kept their average up with 47 versus Crown Inn 'A' who got 32. In the other first division match, Cabo Roche got their first League win of the season away to Laleston Inn 'A' by 34 points to 28.  In Division 2, even a below strength Tondu Railway Club managed a 46-37 victory against Pheasant Poachers to stay on top four points ahead of the Poachers. Then come Coychurch Wanderers, who had a bye this week, and Laleston Inn 'B' who beat Pheasant Gamekeepers 45-38. This means these two remain two points clear of the Gamekeepers. Then come two teams who won this week, Greenmeadow, 47-40  winners at Pyle RFC and Oldcastle 'B' who were beaten 43-41 at Crown Inn by the 'B' team with the losing Pyle team holding up the rest of the table.
Alan Rudge (BDQL)
Friendly matches
As there is a bye in both divisions each week it is possible that the teams concerned may wish to organise a friendly match. Any teams wishing to do so should make the necessary arrangements, then contact David Rees on
07951 279454 who will prepare an extra set of questions for delivery to the venue concerned. This should be done by December 7th to allow time for any such fixtures to commence from January 9th onwards.
Nov 21st.The draw for the next round of Cup and Plate to be played on
30th January 2012:-
KO Cup
Pyle RFC  v  Laleston Inn 'A'
Llangewydd Arms  v  Crown 'B'
Mackworth Arms  v  Tyrisha Nomads
Cabo Roche  v  Six Bells
Greenmeadow  v  Tyrisha Royals
Crown  'A'  v  Oldcastle 'A' 
Oldcastle 'B'  v  Pheasant Poachers
Laleston Inn 'B'  v  Coychurch Wanderers
Here is the revised draw for Round Two of KO Cup & Round One of Plate the matches to be played on Dec 12th 2011:-
Cup-- Tondu Railway Club  v  Cabo Roche
Plate-- Oldcastle 'A'  v  Pheasant Gamekeepers
Back to the normal League fixtures on Monday 14th November. Llangewydd Arms dished out their weekly mauling of opponents by beating Crown Inn 'A'  58-37. Mackworth Arms had a fruitful visit to Laleston Inn 'A', coming away winners by 45 points to 28 and Tyrisha Royals made 46 away to Cabo Roche who managed 38. Oldcastle 'A' hit top form too when they proved just that bit better than Six Bells as the 52-40 scoreline indicates.  In Division 2,  Tondu Railway Club, although riding high did not have an easy task against Oldcastle 'B' but managed to get the better of them by 44 points to 37. Pyle RFC just cannot get a winning run going. This week they scored 36 but Crown Inn 'B' were that much better and got 49. Laleston Inn 'B' did well at Coychurch Wanderers to gain a victory by 47 to 41 and finally a closer result between Pheasant Poachers and Greenmeadow which the former won 42-39.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:- or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386.

On Monday, November 7th the first round of the KO Cup took place in which all teams took part. There were no "giant killings" and results were pretty much as expected; to current form. The holders, Llangewydd Arms had beaten their opponents, Oldcastle 'A' in the league three weeks previously and did so again by a similar margin. Score this time 66-56. There were at least two 'local derbies', Laleston Inn 'A' beat Laleston Inn 'B' 67-47 and Tyrisha Nomads were just too good for the Royals and won by 73 points to 57. Two other teams hit the sixty mark, Crown Inn 'B' had a 64-57 win at the Pheasant Gamekeepers and Mackworth Arms took the valuable scalp of Crown Inn 'A' by 60 to 54.  The expected close encounter at Tondu Railway Club failed to materialise and the hosts overwhelmed the Pheasant Poachers 85-32 which included a maximum in the Roll-up round. It was pretty close at the Six Bells as the totals 54-50 indicates. In the remaining two matches, both home teams triumphed. Cabo Roche saw off Oldcastle 'B' 56-41 and Pyle RFC had their first win of this season, beating Greenmeadow by 49 points to 38.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:- or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386.



On Monday, October 31st. first division matches went very much to form. Llangewydd Arms beat a good Mackworth Arms team by fifty-five points to forty-three,Six Bells were no match for Tyrisha Nomads who won 52-29, Oldcastle'A' had a successful trip to Cabo Roche, winning by 45 points to 36 and Tyrisha Royals had a 43-37 home win against Laleston Inn 'A'.
   In Division 2, Tondu Railway Club continued on their merry way at the Greenmeadow with a 52-41 victory and Laleston Inn 'B' kept Pyle RFC on the bottom by beating them 43-27. The remaining two matches were low-scoring affairs. Oldcastle 'B' beat the Pheasant Gamekeepers 35-30 and Pheasant Poachers edged out Coychurch Wanderers by 32 points to 31.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:- or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386



On Monday, October Div1, Llangewydd Arms won the third match of the three they've played  and moved to the top of the table, from where it would be a foolish person to bet on them being dislodged at any time this season. This week they disposed of the challenge from hitherto unbeaten Tyrisha Royals by 52 to 39. After these two we have six teams , all on four points. Crown 'A' who lost at the Mackworth Arms  47-34, Oldcastle 'A' who won a close  encounter away to Laleston Inn 'A' by 41 to 40, Tyrisha Nomads, 47-38 winners against Cabo Roche and Six Bells who had a bye. Cabo Roche are joined at the bottom by Laleston Inn 'A'. who are both without a point.

In Div 2 Tondu Railway Club seem eager for an early return to the top tier as they accounted for Coychurch Wanderers who also look strong possibles for a quick return from whence they came. Score was 51-47 to Tondu. Next we have the two Pheasant teams, Gamekeepers who beat Greenmeadow 42-31 and Poachers, winners of a low-scoring  match at Pyle RFC by 36 to 33. Oldcastle'B' who had a bye are level with Greenmeadow and Laleston Inn 'B', who won at Crown 'B' by 42 points to 39. The latter have no points along with Pyle RFC.


Alun Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:- or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386



The draw for the Knockout Cup took place on 17th October. 


Knockout Cup Round 1 (7th November)

Match 1. Pyle RFC v Greenmeadow Llangeinor

Match 2. Oldcastle 'A' v Llangewydd Arms

Match 3. Crown 'A' Maesteg v Mackworth Arms

Match 4. Tyrisha Royals v Tyrisha Nomads

Match 5. Pheasant Gamekeepers v Crown 'B' Maesteg

Match 6. Tondu Railway Club v Pheasant Poachers

Match 7. Laleston Inn 'B' v Laleston Inn 'A'

Match 8. Six Bells Coity v Coychurch Wanderers(White Horse)

Match 9. Cabo Roche v Oldcastle 'B'

Knockout Cup Round 2 (12th December)

Winners of Match 6 v Winners of Match 9

Plate Round 1 (12th December)

Losers of Match 2 v Losers of Match 5


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-




Are you :-
A quiz enthusiast with three or four like minded friends?
Able to form a team at a pub or club in the Bridgend County Borough area?
Available most Monday nights between late September and April?
If your answer is Yes to all three, then why not join our quiz league, one of the LONGEST RUNNING in the UK?

Entry costs just 40 per team per season - or app.40p per person per quiz. Cheques should be made payable to  BRIDGEND QUIZ LEAGUE and sent to The Treasurer, 7,Swn yr Adar, Pen y Fai, Bridgend CF31 4GE together with a contact number and/or email address by Sept. 8th 2014.                   Sorry, no late entries!

OR why not JOIN US on our registration evening at Tondu Railway Club on Monday, Sept 8th 2014 at
8pm for our annual, enjoyable, FREE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE quiz.
There is absolutely NO obligation to join the league, come along and test your brain cells!!

Its a FREE QUIZ and there is a FREE BUFFET!

For further info contact Steve on 01656 722754

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Alun Tingle

Andrea Kingscott

Phil Ley

Steve Kingscott

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David Rees