10th November 2020


This from Online Quiz League, if anyone is interested!
Dear All,
You may remember that I got in touch back in the summer regarding the Online Quiz League – indeed, many of you now compete in the league!
We are now recruiting for season three, starting on January 6th, and we would very much appreciate you circulating the notice below as widely as you are able amongst your members.
If multiple teams from your leagues would like to enter, discounts may be available.
Many thanks,
Recruitment Secretary, Online Quiz League
Set up in April to fill the quiz-shaped hole in our lives, the Online Quiz League has completed two successful seasons in 2020 and is now recruiting for teams for its third season, starting on 6th January 2021. Season two saw 54 teams compete across four divisions, so we welcome quizzers of all levels!
Matches are played over Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm between teams of four players. Each team must also provide a fifth person to read the questions for their designated 'home' matches. Full rules (and past questions) can be found on the website: www.onlinequizleague.com
Entry is £55 per team and includes 10+ league games and a handicapped knock-out cup competition. Teams can enter at http://www.onlinequizleague.com/join-us.aspx and we would like to finalise entries for season three by Christmas. We also welcome questions and applications from individuals who would like to be assigned to a team via recruitment@onlinequizleague.com



26th October 2020


It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of our league stalwart Alan Rudge aged 94,

pictured below in happier times with Andy.


This heartfelt obituary from Andy regarding Alan's remarkable life. Alan's funeral on Thursday 29th at Coychurch Crematorium is by invitation only,

due to Covid restrictions.



It is with great sadness that I have to announce to you the passing of my Dad, Alan Rudge.

He joined the league in its second year and had not missed a season until illness prevented it.
He served on the committee for many years as Secretary and Results Secretary.
His passion for the league never ebbed and the only thing that stopped him playing in the end was the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

Dad was born in London and his education was cut short because of the war. He served in the Middlesex Regiment (The Kingsmen)

and in the Manchester Regiment in Malta and Palestine. After the war he had several jobs including groundsman at a sports club.


He met my mother Helen in Jersey and they were married on 16th March 1955 in Wandsworth. I was born in 1962 and was the only child.

It was obvious from a very early age that dad had an amazing memory. He knew every station on the London Underground and would tell you

how to get from A to B and the best places to change trains.
He loved football and followed many teams, notably Fulham, but would go to many games including Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs.

Again he knew all the teams' stats and he could tell you every team that competed in the FA cup, every member of those teams, what the

final score was and who scored.
He particularly enjoyed Speedway. He would go to Wimbledon regularly to watch and would also travel to away meets. This passion for Speedway

never left him and he would attend the British Grand Prix at the Millennium stadium. His last visit was 2017.

Dad started work at the Royal Mint when it was at Tower Hill in 1951. He used to cycle into work daily from Peckham to Tower Hill and back.

In 1967 it was decided there would be a new Royal Mint in South Wales to handle decimalisation. Many of the London boys were given the

opportunity to uproot and make a new life in Wales. Those interested made a trip to South Wales in 1967. They visited the proposed site of

the new Mint in Llantrisant as well as 5 possible housing locations to choose from. They were Tonyrefail, Penrhys, Gilcach Goch, Blackmill and Bridgend.
Dad picked Bridgend as did many of the other lads including Nobby Clark, Ken Turner, George Sully and Ray Butler to name but a few.

A group photo was taken at the proposed site of the Mint. This photo can be seen to this day in the Royal Mint Museum.

We moved to Bridgend in the summer of 1968. Work on decimalisation started in Bridgend trading estate, then moved to Llantrisant in late 1968.

This mammoth task of producing a new currency for the nation was completed on time.
The new estate in Wildmill was half finished when we moved. Glanffornwg and Tairfelin were complete but what would eventually become

Maes y Felin and Tremgarth were still prefabs. Our little community was full of Mint families and were warmly welcomed by the locals.

A strong sense of community grew instantly. My mother was a real character and our house was always full of neighbours.

A group of residents formed a committee to establish a Wildmill Community Group. Dad was picked as treasurer and fundraising events started.
The Wildmill Community centre was opened in the early 1970s.

Dad joined the Bridgend Quiz league in its second season in 1974 playing for the King's Head. His knowledge was vast and varied and the league

became a passion for Dad and many other people. He took part in many quizzes on radio and TV the last one being Tom O'Connor's That's News To Me.

Members of the Quiz League took part and appointed Dad as the spokesman on the show.

The Bridgend Majorettes Jazz Band was formed by Lem and Gill Williams in 1973 providing a great activity for the local children of Litchard and Wildmill

to enjoy. Both my parents were asked to be involved with raising funds and Dad took over the roles of both Secretary and Treasurer.

Lem and Gill did not stay and were replaced by Dennis Lockyer of Pendre. After 2 seasons it was decided that Wildmill should have a band of its own.

The Wildmill Community Jazz Band was formed by Dad and Terry Wright. The response from the community was terrific and the fundraising went ahead.

Quickly uniforms were made and the band started taking part in competitions all over South Wales. The Band changed its name to the Wildmill Kestrels.

Many people from Wildmill worked tirelessly to support the band. Ivy and Graham Pilliner were two such people.

The friendship between our two families remains firm to this day.

Dad and Graham loved good ale, and they decided to brew their own. The bitter they brewed was like rocket fuel and they made it by the crateful.

The whole process was clinical and exact. It culminated with bottling. Friday nights after band practice both men would come to our house and open

a few of their brews. There were many wonderful nights of chatting and putting the world to rights over some homebrewed BB.

My Grandmother Anna was killed in the blitz leaving my mother Helen as the matriarch of the family. The result of this trauma was to cause her to

have severe health problems starting with a nervous breakdown. Cancer plagued her through the 1970s and Dad nursed her with the commitment

only true love can have. Sadly Mum passed away on August 12th 1981 at the all too young age of 54.

Dad carried on in the Mint and took early retirement, which he called his 'Silver Handshake' in 1984. In 1986 we celebrated his 60th birthday with

a surprise party in the Queens Club in Bridgend. Angela and I arranged for family and friends, some who had travelled from the USA and London

to meet at the Queens club at 7pm. Graham would bring Dad down at 7.15pm on the premise of having a meal out. All went fine and Dad had the

shock of his life. By the time he had said hello to everyone most of the buffet had gone so we had to send out for Chinese food as he was hungry.
Dad took a final job in Smith Kendon as a security guard until he decided enough was enough.

In 1987 Dad took a test Mensa test for fun to see what his IQ was. He sent his results to Mensa, who wrote to him and suggested he take the official

test which he did in Cardiff. His IQ was recorded at 154. He remained a member of Mensa for over 30 years.

After retiring, when most people would want to slow down, Dad started to travel. He visited all over the USA including New York, New Jersey,

California, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii and many more. Angela and I took our Dads to our house in Florida, they were very good friends and enjoyed

each other's company. He travelled to Hong Kong and Thailand and he took part in Regimental trips overseas to Canada and laid a wreath for the

fallen at Ypres.

Angela and I were married in 1995 in Las Vegas and Dad went on a 2 week holiday preceding the wedding around Texas before joining us on our

plane from Houston to Las Vegas.

My job working on ships has allowed me to take a guest onboard and Dad did over 20 cruises with me making numerous new friends. He travelled

with me to the Caribbean, South America as well as all over Europe. When Dad was 80 we did yet another surprise party for him in London.

Many family and friends turned up and we celebrated royally. Dad was joining me on a cruise in the Med 2 days after the London party.

Little did he know that 20 of the family and friends had booked on the cruise to make it a week long celebration. It was a terrific cruise

culminating in a private white glove party given in his honour by the Captain on the Bridge.

His last cruise was the 70th Anniversary of D-Day cruise. We visited all of the Normandy beaches and met comrades old and new.

A guest speaker on the cruise was Captain Tony Harris who served for 10 years in the Royal Regiment of Fusilliers before having both legs amputated

after being struck by an explosive device. Dad was having trouble walking and walked with a cane. Tony was sat down and saw my Dad enter the

room in his military blazer and tie. He immediately stood up to give his seat to Dad. Dad of course tried to get Tony to sit back down but he would

have none of it and sat Dad down. This amazing show of respect was something I will never forget.

Dad lived independently until he was 89. He was still enjoying quizzing and was still secretary. He looked forward to Sunday nights when he was

a regular at the United Services club which he called the War Office. He broke his hip and femur after a fall and was in hospital and convalescence.

The shock to the system made his dementia worsen and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. He went into Picton Court Care Home and felt

very much at home. He would take part in all the events from quizzes to singalongs especially old war songs. On one occasion they were singing

Bless 'Em All when my dad started to sing the old army version at the top of his voice.


When he was 90, we arranged a private tour of the new Royal Mint Museum where Dad was guest of honour. The curator of the Mint had collected

dad's service record and in 34 years' service he had less than 14 days non holiday leave 7 of which were when Mum died. His memory that day was

triggered and he was giving the tour as much as the guide.

His remaining days at Picton Court were marred by a fracture of his Tibia and Fibular for which he was hospitalised for 8 weeks and wore a cast

for 14 weeks.
Thankfully, in all the time he had Alzheimer's his personality did not change, he had a delightful sense of humour which never left him.
He died on October 19th peacefully in his sleep of complications as a result of Alzheimer's.
He was a decent, modest, kind man who was a gentleman in every sense of the word and I was proud to call him Dad.







Applications invited for any Welsh speakers who may be interested.




20th September 2020


Sweden’s Ove Fundin was 5 times World champion in which motorised track sport between 1956 and 1967?

Who is the lead singer of UK group Jamiroquai?

The organisation SANZAAR run what type of international sports competitions?

Which Beatles song title is taken from the language of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria?

Where does the American flag fly 24 hours a day, but is never raised, lowered or saluted?

The aptly named song ‘C-30, C-60, C-90-Go’ was the first to be released on what medium?       

Where in France was the first Formula One Grand Prix held in 1906?                                           

Which black US actress and Oscar winner was once a make-up artist in a funeral parlour?         

The African country the Gambia has featured which British footballer and overpaid pundit on its postage stamps?   

Which aviation pioneer was the pilot of the first ever fatal plane crash in 1908?                           















Speedway;Jay Kay;Rugby Union;Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da;The Moon;Cassette tape; Le Mans;Whoopi Goldberg;Gary Lineker;Orville Wright.




17th September 2020


Just to make everyone aware we now have a Facebook page wich can be accessed as Bridgend Quiz League.



9th September 2020


Unfortunately, until the Welsh government lift their rules regarding indoor gatherings, our League will remain in suspension.

We have had a lot of queries re the re-start, but our hands are tied.

We have a lot of older quizzers in the vulnerable group who are wisely not prepared to put themselves at risk.

Personally, I don't think Covid will be going away anytime soon, so I encourage all to take care.

As soon as we know more, updates will appear here. SteveK



7th September 2020




The regular Thursday night quiz is restarting @ 8pm

£1 per person to enter

1st prize is the total entry amount

2nd prize is a £15 voucher

3rd prize is a bottle of house wine







26th August 2020









■ 1. St Martin’s, St Agnes and St Helen’s are lesser known islands of what UK island group?

■ 2. In the early 1970s an unnamed student was paid $35 to design which famous sports logo?

■ 3. Eaten by the Romans as a delicacy, the glis glis is an edible type of which rodent?

■ 4. David Bowie had number one hits in the UK with which three acts?

■ 5. Which two stations are nearest each other on the London Underground?

■ 6. What famous US motor race was initially known as The International Sweepstakes?

■ 7. Phagophobia is what irrational fear?

■ 8. Which colourful named singer was born Alecia Moore in Pennsylvania in 1979?

■ 9. What is the world’s most densely populated principality?

■ 10. Which entertainment organisation’s motto is, ‘Not apt to disclose secrets’?

■ 11. Which part of the body was transplanted for the first time in 1905?

■ 12. Which English football team was the first to have an all-seater stadium?

■ 13. What brewery in Wales were the first outside the USA to sell beer in cans?

■ 14. Which famous battle took place in the Crimea on 25th October 1854?

■ 15. Of what unusual substance was the US warship SS Selma constructed?

■ 16. How deep is a fathom of water?

■ 17. Jones the Steam drove which cartoon train?

■ 18. Ailsa Craig, Setton and Snowball are which type of vegetable?

■ 19. Where did the last French invasion of Britain take place in 1797?

■ 20. The late Dave Rainford was a regular contestant on which BBC TV quiz show?

■ 21. What Oscar winning film was made in 1937 and re-done in 1954, 1976 and 2018?

■ 22. What is the Italian foodstuff ‘Pecorino’?

■ 23. The Alboran Sea is a part of which larger sea?

■ 24. The footballer Wayne Rooney earned his first cap as a substitute against which country in 2003?

■ 25. What wine grape gets its name from the French word for blackbird?

■ 26. In 2005, which knighted actor played Mel Hutchwright in Coronation Street?

■ 27. Which springflowering plant derives its name from the Latin for first?

■ 28. With what musical instrument is Scotland’s Nicola Benedetti associated?

■ 29. What gemstone is traditionally associated with a 20th wedding anniversary?

■ 30. In 1975 Junko Tabei from Japan became the first woman to conquer what?








1. Scilly Isles 2. The Nike emblem 3. Dormouse 4. Queen, Mick Jagger and Band Aid 5. Leicester Square and Covent Garden

6. The Indianapolis 500 7. Being eaten alive 8. Pink 9. Monaco 10. The Magic Circle 11. The Cornea 12. Coventry City 13. Felinfoel Brewery

14. Charge of the Light Brigade 15. Concrete 16. Six feet (1.82m) 17. Ivor the Engine 18. Onion 19. Fishguard 20. Eggheads 21. A Star Is Born

22. Cheese 23. The Mediterranean Sea 24. Australia 25. Merlot 26. Sir Ian McKellen 27. Primrose 28. Violin 29. Emerald 30. Mount Everest










1. In Country music, who are Emily Erwin, Natalie Maines and Martie Erwin?

2. For which team was Ruud Gullit playing when he won European Footballer of the Year in 1987?

3. What are the names of the four ‘houses’ at Hogwarts School?

4. The spacecraft Discovery appeared in which Stanley Kubrick science-fiction film?

5. A pizza (with a slice missing) inspired the idea for which early computer game?

6. Which South American country’s name literally means ‘the land of many waters’?

7. Gary Holton played the part of joiner Wayne in which TV comedy series?

8. Between 1947 and 1959, 42 nuclear devices were detonated on which island group?

9. What Russian satellite launched in 1957 was only 23 inches in diameter?

10. Which BBC travel presenter, after joining the mile-high club, stated “my safari suit got quite crumpled”?

11. The Monumental Axis is the widest road in which South American country’s capital city?

12. What was both the first and the millionth music video to air on MTV?

13. Which AustrianAmerican film star has the middle name Alois?

14. TV presenter Jonathan Dimbleby was 1964’s south of England champion in which sport?

15. In which country is the 508 metre tall building Taipei 101?

16. In which sport did Beryl Burton of Great Britain achieve worldwide fame?

17. What song title is also the name for the second full moon that occurs in the same month?

18. Who played the role of Tom Hanks’ gay lover in the film Philadelphia?

19. Featured in TV adverts, what was the name of ex-policeman John Stalker’s dog?

20. Golfer Arnaud Massy of France was the first non UK winner of which annual event?

21. What is the only venomous mammal in the world?

22. Astrologically speaking, what are the three fire signs?

23. Which weather phenomenon translates from the Spanish for ‘little boy’?

24. What novel written by Lew Wallace was later turned into a multi-Oscar winning film?

25. In which North Wales town is Britain’s smallest house?

26. What was designer Coco Chanel’s real first name?

27. Ba! Ba! Black Sheep was the working title of which Margaret Mitchell classic 1936 novel?

28. What is the name of the apple brandy traditionally made in Normandy, France?

29. Who was the first female trainer of a Grand National winner?

30. What Ukrainian city gives its name to a chicken dish?













1. The (Dixie) Chicks 2. AC Milan 3. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw 4. 2001: A Space Odyssey 5. Pac Man 6. Guyana 7. Auf Wiedersehen Pet

8. The Marshall Islands 9. Sputnik-1 10. Alan Whicker 11. Brazil 12. Video Killed the Radio Star 13. Arnold Schwarzenegger 14. Showjumping 15. Taiwan

16. Cycling 17. Blue Moon 18. Antonio Banderas 19. Drummer 20. British Open 21. The duck billed platypus 22. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius 23. El Nino 24. Ben Hur

25. Conwy 26. Gabrielle 27. Gone With The Wind 28. Calvados 29. Jenny Pitman 30. Kiev






1. In which Beatles song were the grandchildren called Vera,Chuck & Dave?

2. Catriona was the sequel to which famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel?

3. Fynbo, Maribo and Molbo are cheeses from which Scandinavian country?

4. Which fruit is also known as an Alligator Pear?

5. ‘Satchmo’ is the nickname of which famous late New Orleans jazz musician?

6. Aberama Gold is a character in which family based TV series?

7. What is the largest single nerve in the human body?

8. ‘Jenny and me was like peas and carrots’ is a line from which film?

9. What name is shared by a dwarf planet and the mythological ruler of the underworld?

10. Born Arthur Jefferson in 1890, by what name was this comedian better known?

11. What Vietnam war film won 4 Oscars in 1987?

12. How many players are there in a handball team?

13. By what name is Queen Elizabeth II known in the satirical magazine Private Eye?

14. Who played Kate Winslet’s fiancé in the film ‘Titanic’?

15. What kind of animal is a Plymouth Rock?

16. What is the more common term for the ailment herpes zoster?

17. What is the official language of Andorra?

18. Which Carry On actress and soap star was born in 1937 as Barbara Ann Deeks?

19. By what name is the Ossining Correctional Facility in New York State better known?

20. Which team was the first from outside England to win the FA Cup?

21. Which famous radio family live in Borsetshire?

22. How many phases of the moon are there in a lunar month?

23. What was the former name of the army base Camp Shorabak in Afghanistan?

24. In athletics, what is the last event of the Decathlon?

25. Which world famous inventor and engineer born in 1874, died in 1937?

26. Monstro is the name of the whale in what Disney cartoon film?

27. What is the largest landlocked country in the world?

28. In what sport is a Derny regularly used?

29. In what opera do Yum Yum, Nanki Poo and Pish-Tush all appear?

30. How is Cardiff’s Caroline Street better known?














1. When I’m 64; 2. Kidnapped; 3. Denmark; 4. Avocado; 5. Louis Armstrong; 6. Peaky Blinders; 7. Sciatic nerve; 8. Forrest Gump;

9. Pluto; 10. Stan Laurel; 11. Platoon; 12. Seven; 13. Brenda; 14. Billy Zane; 15. A chicken; 16. Shingles; 17. Catalan; 18. Barbara Windsor;

19. Sing Sing prison; 20. Cardiff City; 21. The Archers; 22. Four; 23. Camp Bastion; 24. 1500 metres; 25. Guglielmo Marconi; 26. Pinocchio;

27. Kazakhstan; 28. Cycling; 29. The Mikado; 30. Chippy Alley or Chippy Lane









1. What British patriotic anthem was sung for the first time in 1740?

2. Which film ‘Bandit’ was originally cast as Han Solo in Star Wars?

3. What was Frenchman Marcel Bich (pronounced bitch) involved with developing?

4. The letters B,C,M,P have an individual tile value of what in Scrabble?

5. What iconic TV comedy show vehicle did British boxer Ricky Hatton buy from the BBC?

6. Famed for its many bends, in which American city would you find Lombard Street?

7. How was US sharpshooter born as Phoebe Anne Moses better known?

8. Benjamin ‘who’ was the first Lord Mayor of Dublin?

9. There are 1792 steps in which Parisian landmark?

10. The Strathcona Cup is contested in which icy winter sport?

11. In 1985, what famous, tragic shipwreck did Robert Ballard discover?

12. W G Grace captained England at which two ball sports?

13. The Italian football club Parma was founded in memory of which operatic composer?

14. In China what large structure is known as Chang Cheng?

15. Workers at the Colt factory in Surbiton, Surrey coined which patriotic phrase in 1968?

16. Before becoming a highwayman, what was Dick Turpin’s consumer profession?

17. What is the more common name of the uniquely shaped fruit the ‘Carambola’?

18. What would you lack if you suffered from anosmia?

19. It is estimated that the combinations for which number puzzle will run out in the 3,607,744th century?

20. Which male US tennis player’s father boxed for Iran in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics?

21. Film director Steven Spielberg directed the first ever episode of which TV detective series?

22. What is unique about Nils Olav, a Regimental Sgt Major in the Norwegian Army?

23. Which British comedienne and poet once worked for MI5?

24. Whose prison serial number was 46664?

25. The prototype for what puppet was made using a lady’s coat and two halves of a table tennis ball?

26. What were ILOVEYOU in 2000, MyDoom in 2004, Santy in 2004 and Nyxem in 2006?

27. What was the colourful “toy of the year” in 1980 that was named after its inventor?

28. What was the first country in the world to allow women to vote?

29. Eve Graham and Lyn Paul were the two female singers in which ’70s group?

30. The shipping forecast area Finisterre was renamed what in 2002?









1. God Save the KING; 2. Burt Reynolds; 3. The Bic biro;

4. Three; 5. Del-boy’s Reliant van; 6. San Francisco; 7. Annie Oakley; 8. Guinness; 9. Eiffel Tower; 10. Curling; 11. The Titanic;

12. Cricket and Bowls; 13. Giuseppe Verdi; 14. The Great Wall; 15. I’m Backing Britain; 16. Butcher; 17. Star Fruit;

18. The sense of smell; 19. Sudoku; 20; Andre Agassi; 21. Columbo; 22. He is a King Penguin; 23. Pam Ayres;

24. Nelson Mandela; 25. Kermit the Frog; 26. Computer viruses; 27. The Rubik Cube; 28. New Zealand; 29. The New Seekers;

30. Fitzroy







1. Which TV cowboy family of the 50s and 60s had the motto “He who plays and runs away lives to play another day.”?

2. In the 1960s the Independent MP Kate Hoey was Northern Ireland’s champion in which athletics event?

3. “The way of the sword” is the translation of which Japanese martial art?

4. The name of which southern European country literally means the land of rabbits?

5. How many minutes does it take for light to get from the Sun to Earth?

6. Which Italian football team based in Rome won the last ever Cup Winners Cup in 1999?

7. Jeremy Beadle, Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly and Sarah Kennedy all presented which TV show?

8. Beelzebub is Hebrew for what phrase, also used as the title of a famous novel by William Golding?

9. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, how many gifts in total were given?

10. Sao Miguel is the largest island in which Atlantic island group?

11. What UK organisation is known as NICE?

12. Which wartime PM’s dentures have been described as “the false teeth that saved the free world”?

13. Where in the USA would you find the most famous work of sculptor Gutzon Borglum?

14. Which Irish singer once said: “When I walk on stage now, the chair gets more applause than I do”?

15. Which Welshman scored the last international try at the old National Stadium in Cardiff?

16. In which Scandinavian country are the World Air Guitar Championships held annually?

17. Which late Australian TV presenter and zoo owner had a morbid fear of parrots?

18. The quality standard for what Italian foodstuff was set by the Pope in the 13th century?

19. What is an oniomaniac addicted to?

20. In Ancient Greek what derogatory word meant a private citizen or individual?

21. What Peter Benchley novel, later a film, was originally going to be titled A Silence in The Water?

22. What sportswear company was founded by Adolf Dassler?

23. Which famous cowboy and lawman died in his sleep in 1926, aged 80?

24. In which Asian country is the world’s highest airport?

25. What crumbly cheese, with red, white and blue types is the oldest made in Britain?

26. Which knighted Welsh actor reached number 75 in the UK charts in 1986 with Distant Star?

27. What name is given to the notorious whirlpool off the Lofoten islands east of Norway?

28. On or in what part of the human body is the Tragus?

29. Where in London was Josef Jakobs, a German spy, executed in August 1941?

30. In which Mississippi town was Elvis Presley born?














1. Maverick; 2. High Jump; 3. Kendo; 4. Spain; 5. 8.5; 6. Lazio; 7. Game For A Laugh; 8. Lord Of The Flies; 9. 364; 10. The Azores; 11. National Institute of Health and Care Excellence; 12. Winston Churchill’s; 13. Mount Rushmore; 14. Val Doonican; 15. Rob Howley; 16. Finland; 17. Steve Irwin; 18. Pasta; 19. Shopping; 20. Idiot; 21. Jaws; 22. Adidas; 23. Marshall Wyatt Earp; 24. Tibet; 25. Cheshire; 26. Sir Anthony Hopkins; 27. Maelstrom; 28. The Ear; 29. The Tower of London; 30. Tupelo Michael Ochs Archi




1. Which famous actor’s last words were reputedly: “I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.”?

2. Which English darts player achieved the first televised nine-dart finish at the MFI Championship in Reading in 1986?

3. In China, what colour is traditionally used for wedding dresses?

4. The killing of a ladybird is unlucky because it is said to represent which biblical figure?

5. What was the first video by a black artist to appear on MTV?

6. The Ferrari Testarossa is a supercar, but what does testarossa mean in English?

7. If you were a ‘ myrmecologist’, what would you study?

8. Which UK TV chef from the mid 1950s to 1975, was born Phyllis Nan Sortain Primrose- Pechey?

9. What was the 1st RWC match played at the Millennium Stadium on 1 October 1999?

10. What piece of sporting equipment contains 16 feathers?

11. Which cartoon character has the middle name of Fauntleroy?

12. Tia Maria, vodka and coke are the three main ingredients of which cocktail?

13. Which continent can be credited with the invention of hot chocolate?

14. In the year 2000 what could you get with a Barbie doll for the first time?

15. In 1925, which landmark did Austro/Hungarian con artist Victor Lustig, twice sell for scrap?

16. At 6.86 miles, name the deepest part of the world’s oceans?

17. Which knighted Olympian won the first of his five gold medals in Los Angeles 1984?

18. Which Welsh actress broke into showbiz as a Shirley Bassey impersonator?

19. Who was voted Time Magazine’s man of the year in 1938?

20. What controversial tax was discontinued in England in 1851?

21. On which album cover would you see Michael Parkinson, Kenny Lynch, James Coburn, Clement Freud and John Conteh?

22. Borg is the most popular surname in which Mediterranean island country?

23. Who played ‘Sir’ in the 1967 film ‘To Sir with Love’?

24. The written words of which Pacific island language all end in vowels?

25. What type of creatures are Roundnose Grenadier, Orange Roughy and Greater Forkbeard?

26. Which TV presenter’s mother designed Paddington Bear?

27. Ernesto and Vittorio Brambilla, of Italy, were once competitors in which championship?

28. Longman, Lechman, Littleman and Thuma are the old names for what?

29. During WWII, what became known as Moaning Minnie?

30. Monique Delacroix, the mother of which fictitious character, died along with her husband Andrew, in a climbing accident?









1. Humphrey Bogart 2. John Lowe 3. Red 4. The Virgin Mary 5. Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean 6. Redhead 7. Ants 8. Fanny Cradock 9. Wales v Argentina

10. Badminton shuttlecock 11. Donald Duck 12. Black Russian 13. South America 14. A belly button 15.The Eiffel Tower 16. Challenger Deep

17. Sir Steve Redgrave 18. Catherine Zeta-Jones 19. Adolf Hitler 20. Window Tax 21. Wings’ Band On The Run 22. Malta 23. Sidney Poitier 24. Hawaii

25. Fish 26. Jeremy Clarkson 27. Formula One 28. Fingers and thumbs 29. The Air Raid Siren 30. James Bond





1. Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which Commonwealth country?

2. Liverpool FC’s anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone is taken from which musical?

3. What spring flower is also known as the Lent lily?

4. Approximately 800,000 people worldwide were killed by what in 2018?

5. The Dong is the unit of currency in which country?

6. What is the actor Michael Caine’s real name?

7. In 1671, what did Colonel Thomas Blood attempt to steal?

8. In the USA, what is the well-known name of the Will Rogers Highway?

9. On TV, by what name is comedian/presenter Leigh Francis better known?

10. Where would a Corfiot live?

11. By what English name is the mountain Yr Wyddfa known?

12. What creature is believed to be the largest to have ever lived?

13. Which city hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1958?

14. To which organisation did Rod Stewart donate all royalties from Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

15. In the Bible, what was the name of the hill that Solomon built his temple on?

16. Manzanilla dry sherry originated in which country?

17. Which actor played the characters Selwyn Froggitt and Claude Greengrass on TV?

18. In rugby union, which international team name was first used in 1924?

19. In which year was Queen Victoria born?

20. What is both a French wine region and a luxury American automobile?

21. Calne is a town in which UK county?

22. What food dish consists of fried potatoes and cabbage?

23. How many do you get if you add a baker’s dozen to a score?

24. Which UK government department is responsible for the countryside?

25. Pop Looks Bach is the theme tune to which BBC winter sports programme?

26. The discount supermarket chain Kwik Save was founded in which North Wales town?

27. Which very successful US golfer was known as the Golden Bear?

28. Chepstow Castle stands on which Welsh river?

29. Max Bialystock is a character in which irreverent Mel Brooks musical?

30. Up Helly Aa is the name of a fire festival held in January on which Scottish island?











1. Canada; 2. Carousel; 3. Daffodil; 4. Mosquitoes; 5. Vietnam; 6. Maurice Micklewhite; 7. The crown jewels; 8. Route 66; 9. Keith Lemon; 10. Corfu;

11. Snowdon; 12. Blue whale; 13. Cardiff; 14. Unicef; 15. Zion; 16. Spain; 17. Bill Maynard; 18. British Lions; 19. 1819; 20. Cadillac; 21. Wiltshire;

22. Bubble and squeak; 23. 33; 24. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra); 25. Ski Sunday; 26. Prestatyn; 27. Jack Nicklaus;

28. The Wye; 29. The Producers; 30. Shetland




1. Which political figure has been married to Gráinne Hayes and Kirsten Mehr?

2. US magazine editor Sarah Hale wrote which nursery rhyme in 1830?

3. The International Hall of Fame for which sport is in Newport, Rhode Island?

4. The Rhythm of the Saints was the follow-up to which 1986 Paul Simon album?

5. Which Welsh born TV presenter who died in 2000 published a book of photos taken by her, called Rock Stars In Their Underpants?

6. Where was cyclist Bradley Wiggins born?

7. Which creatures produce the largest offspring relative to the size of their bodies?

8. Granadilla is another name for which fruit?

9. Who played Jack Ryan in the film The Hunt for Red October?

10. The Man vs Horse marathon takes place annually in which Welsh town?

11. Which planet has a day lasting 9 hours and 55 minutes?

12. What liqueur bearing the letters DOM on the bottle label was developed at Fecamp, France, in the 16th century?

13. The Sam Maguire Trophy is the major championship in which sport?

14. Which animal has a Spanish name which when translated into English means “little armoured one”

15. Who wrote the book Of Mice and Men?

16. What Scottish city has a nickname of the Silver City with the Golden Sands?

17. In Roman mythology, who was the god of the sun?

18. What UK dependency are Barren Island, Beaver Island and Lively Island a part of?

19. Which organisation has a panda as its emblem?

20. What is the national mapping agency for Great Britain?

21. Which Liverpool group were the first to reach number one in the US charts?

22. Betz cells are found in which part of the body?

23. Which US actress was born Betty Jean Perske?

24. How many counters are on a backgammon board at start of play?

25. Muriel is the middle name of which Friends character?

26. When on a visit to the Gambia what was once given to the Queen as a present for then baby Prince Andrew?

27. Whose ghost appears in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar?

28. Omphalitis is an infection of which part of the body?

29. What world famous tourist attraction is located next to India’s Yamuna river?

30. What allegedly, do the Welsh words “popty ping” mean in English?











1. Nigel Farage; 2. Mary Had A Little Lamb; 3. Tennis; 4. Graceland;

5. Paula Yates; 6. Ghent, Belgium; 7. Bats; 8. Passion fruit; 9. Alec Baldwin; 10. Llanwyrtyd Wells; 11. Jupiter; 12. Benedictine;

13: Gaelic football; 14: Armadillo; 15. John Steinbeck; 16. Aberdeen; 17. Apollo; 18. Falkland Islands; 19. World Wildlife Fund;

20. Ordnance Survey; 21. Gerry & the Pacemakers; 22. Brain; 23. Lauren Bacall; 24. 30; 25. Chandler Bing; 26. Baby crocodile;

27. Caesar’s ghost; 28. The belly button; 29. Taj Mahal; 30. Microwave oven



■ Marco Polo airport serves which Italian city?

■ Podagra affects which part of the human body?

■ Camelopard is an early name for which animal?

■ Developed in 1893, what beverage was originally called Brad’s Drink?

■ Who is the patron saint of accountants?

■ Which two countries does the Simplon Pass connect?

■ In which sport is the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy contested?

■ A turophile dislikes which foodstuff?

■ Mazawattee is what brand of drink?

■ In 1923, the first ever Welsh “what” was opened in Bridgend?

■ What flower appears on the flag of Quebec province in Canada?

■ Ruth Jones and Philip Smith were characters in which 1970s ITV sitcom?

■ How were Scott Engel, John Maus and Gary Leeds better known?

■ Which English cricket county play their matches at New Road?

■ In Indian cookery what is saag?

■ What is the main ingredient of guacamole?

■ Which 1986 Miss World winner also later won an Oscar?

■ Tunstall and Burslem are areas in which UK city?

■ Menieres disease affects which part of the human body?

■ Who wrote The Three Musketeers?

■ How many counters are on a backgammon board at start of play?

■ Lord Cardigan’s horse, Ronald, survived which famous battle of 1854?

■ Southern Cross is a form of which card game?

■ In 1963 who played his first game for Manchester United against West Bromwich Albion?

■ Which fantasy TV series was adapted from the novel A Song of Ice and Fire?

■ What is the official language of Andorra?

■ Which supermarket’s first store was opened in Burnt Oak, Middlesex in 1929?

■ Which artist was shot the day before Robert F Kennedy was assassinated?

■ In 1986 the Voyager 2 space probe made its first encounter with what planet?

■ Strangely, as he wrote most of his hits, what 1976 chart hit did Barry Manilow sing, but not write?








Venice; Big toe; Giraffe; Pepsi-Cola; St Matthew; Italy and Switzerland; Rugby Six Nations (France v Italy); Cheese; Tea; Bus station;

Fleur-de-Lys; Rising Damp; The Walker Brothers; Worcestershire; Spinach; Avocado; Halle Berry; Stoke-on-Trent; Inner ear;

Alexandre Dumas; 30; The Charge of the Light Brigade; Poker; George Best; Game of Thrones; Catalan;

Tesco; Andy Warhol; Uranus; I Write the Songs



■ 1. What football team were British baseball champions in 1906 & 1908?

■ 2. Which British runner was known as the ‘Jarrow Arrow’?

■ 3. What company makes the most tyres in the world?

■ 4. Lincoln is the capital of which US state?

■ 5. In The Wizard of Oz, what is Dorothy’s surname?

■ 6. Which Scottish football team play at Fir Park?

■ 7. What are the young of alpacas and llamas called?

■ 8. In which sport did Shirley Muldowney become the first female champion in 1977?

■ 9. Who sang ‘One Step Out Of Time’ for the UK in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest?

■ 10. What type of creature is a ‘tanager’?

■ 11. By what name is singer Christopher Hamill better known?

■ 12. How old was QEII when she ascended the throne?

■ 13. How many stepsisters did Cinderella have?

■ 14. Approximately how long in miles is the Great Wall of China?

■ 15. What is the surname of Martin Clunes’ Doc Martin?

■ 16. What is the Spanish word for the number five?

■ 17. What bird is also known as a halcyon?

■ 18. Aldergrove was the old name of which city’s airport?

■ 19. Which country is the smallest in area to win the FIFA World Cup?

■ 20. At which cricket ground is the Old Father Time weathervane?

■ 21. How many furlongs are there in a mile?

■ 22. By what name is rock singer Paul Hewson better known?

■ 23. 62 of the 97 passengers and crew survived what disaster in 1937?

■ 24. ‘Sidesaddle’ and ‘Roulette’ were No.1 hits in 1959 by whom?

■ 25. In which modern country is the ancient site of Carthage?

■ 26. What is the stage name of Janet and Ian Tough?

■ 27. In the human body, what do Lacrymal Glands produce?

■ 28. In adverts, which drink could be taken ‘Anytime, any place, anywhere’?

■ 29. Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not set foot on the moon?

■ 30. Michaela Tabb was once a professional referee in what sports?








1. Tottenham Hotspur; 2. Steve Cram; 3. Lego; 4. Nebraska; 5. Gale; 6. Motherwell; 7. Cria; 8. Drag Racing; 9. Michael Ball; 10. Bird; 11. Limahl; 12. 25; 13. Two; 14. 4,000; 15. Ellingham; 16. Cinco; 17. Kingfisher; 18. Belfast; 19. Uruguay; 20. Lord’s; 21. Eight; 22. Bono; 23. The Hindenburg disaster; 24. Russ Conway; 25. Tunisia; 26. The Krankies; 27. Tears; 28. Martini; 29. Michael Collins; 30. Snooker and Pool


■ 1. Which heart-throb actor played Heinrich Harrer in the movie Seven Years in Tibet?

■ 2. The Hoover Dam is built on the border of which two states in America?

■ 3. What food is a deepfried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both?

■ 4. The Welsh group Goldie Lookin’ Chain are from where?

■ 5. In boxing, who was known as the “Ghost with the hammer in his hand”?

■ 6. Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose aircraft almost entirely out of which wood?

■ 7. Who was the artistic director of Isles of Wonder at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games?

■ 8. Saint Bibiana is the patron saint of which selfimposed condition?

■ 9. Garlic and chives belong to which plant family?

■ 10. To which country do the Cocos Islands belong?

■ 11. Which car company fitted the first three-point seat belt as standard in 1959?

■ 12. The name for which portable device stems from the Latin word for “vaulted room”?

■ 13. In the 19th century, what was the most lucrative export, quite literally an end product, for many west coast South American countries?

■ 14. What breakfast foodstuff was invented by Henry Perky in 1892?

■ 15. What does HB stand for in pencil grading?

■ 16. Which company first introduced the tea bag into Britain in 1953?

■ 17. In what James Bond film did the small helicopter Little Nellie appear?

■ 18. In the 2016 version of Cluedo, who did Dr Orchid replace?

■ 19. In which Welsh town is there a bronze statue of Tommy Cooper?

■ 20. Jueves is Spanish for which day of the week?

■ 21. Please Don’t Tease was which singer’s first number one of the 1960s?

■ 22. On which small UK island would you find the Marisco Tavern?

■ 23. What is the name of the largest living type of frog?

■ 24. What sport do the Leander Club compete in?

■ 25. In the human body, where are the caruncles?

■ 26. In which city is the HQ of San Miguel beer?

■ 27. What name did the public vote to give to a research ship that was launched in September 2019?

■ 28. In mythology, what do the goddesses Eos, Aurora and Ushas represent?

■ 29. By what gruesome sounding name has the shrike been known?

■ 30. The Wanda Metropolitano stadium is the home of which Spanish football club?







1. Brad Pitt; 2. Nevada and Arizona; 3. Falafel; 4. Newport; 5. Jimmy Wilde; 6. Birch; 7. Danny Boyle; 8. ANSWERS: Hangovers; 9. Lily; 10. Australia; 11. Volvo; 12. Camera; 13. Guano (bird droppings); 14. Shredded Wheat; 15. Hard Black; 16. Tetley; 17. You Only Live Twice; 18. Mrs White; 19. Caerphilly; 20. Thursday; 21. Cliff Richard (with The Shadows); 22. Lundy; 23. Goliath; 24. Rowing; 25. The eye; 26. Manila; 27. Boaty McBoatFace; 28. Dawn; 29. The butcher bird; 30.Athletico Madrid



■ 1. Which 6ft 5ins Scottish DJ once worked in a fish factory and Safeway and was an Armani model?

■ 2. Where is the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT) located?

■ 3. Which famous knighted Caribbean cricketer was born with six fingers on each hand?

■ 4. Which common garden creature has more than 20,000 teeth?

■ 5. Who was actress Patsy Kensit’s infamous godfather?

■ 6. What is Venustraphobia the fear of?

■ 7. Which N. African seaport’s name is Spanish for white house?

■ 8. The silvery grey fungus known as noble rot is used in which process?

■ 9. The meat of which pet rodent is used in the national dish of Ecuador?

■ 10. What was the tallest structure in the world before the Eiffel Tower was built?

■ 11. What did Attila the Hun die from on his wedding night?

■ 12. ‘Eye Level’ by the Simon Park Orchestra is the original theme tune to which TV detective series?

■ 13. Which ageing heartthrob US actor has the middle name Tiffany?

■ 14. What human facial feature can be described as “zygomatic”?

■ 15. Which UK charity organises the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning?

■ 16. Which light hardwood takes its name from the Spanish for raft?

■ 17. What type of fish is Nemo in the film Finding Nemo?

■ 18. Which Welsh snooker player was once buried underground in a mining accident?

■ 19. What was the name of the carpenter in TV’s Trumpton?

■ 20. What trading company started out as The Echo Bay Technology Group?

■ 21. Which Birmingham born comedian’s real name is Robert Davies?

■ 22. Goat Island lies in the centre of which North American tourist attraction?

■ 23. Which British city has an underground railway system nicknamed “The Clockwork Orange”?

■ 24. What is Paul McCartney’s middle name?

■ 25. What is the only Shakespeare play that has a dog in it?

■ 26. The founder of which supermarket coined the phrase ‘Pile It High, Sell It Cheap’?

■ 27. GEN 11 is the number plate of which famous flying car?

■ 28. In 2006, 7,000 of what exotic birds set up a colony in Surrey?

■ 29. Elaine Paige played Caroline Winthrop in what teatime TV soap of the late 60s?

■ 30. Which comedic duo live at 62, West Wallaby Street?








1. Calvin Harris; 2. The Great Pyramid in Cairo; 3. Sir Garfield Sobers; 4. The Snail; 5. Reggie Kray; 6. Beautiful women; 7. Casablanca;

8. Wine making; 9. Guinea Pig; 10. Great Pyramid, Cairo; 11. A nosebleed; 12. Van Der Valk; 13. Richard Gere; 14. A natural smile; 15. Macmillan Cancer Care

16. Balsa; 17. Clown fish 18. Ray Reardon; 19. Chippy Minton; 20. Ebay; 21. Jasper Carrot; 22. Niagara Falls; 23. Glasgow; 24. Paul (his first name is James);

25. The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 26. Tesco 27. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; 28. Parakeets; 29. Crossroads; 30. Wallace and Gromit


10th December 2019


Members will be sad to learn of the recent passing of Godfrey Hurley, a long standing supporter of the Bridgend Quiz League.

Godfrey captained the Railway Tavern in the early years of the league, later moving the Oldcastle, where he was captain for many seasons.


His funeral will be held in Nolton Church on Wednesday, 18th December, at 10.30 a.m., followed by a private cremation.


Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.




5th December 2019


Dear Alun and all at Bridgend Quiz League

My name is Emma Foster, I am a MSc student at the University of Buckingham. I am contacting you with reference to my online survey which is

aimed at people who quiz, at any level. We've had a great response so far, and I would like to share/advertise my survey with your quiz followers,

who participate in quizzes regularly.
Would this be possible, at all?

I have popped a link below to see the survey for yourself. It takes roughly 20-25 minutes.




It is looking to characterise the cognitive skills, motivations and development of expertise in quizzers. The survey is due to close on 2nd January 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the survey at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and very best wishes.

EMMA FOSTER <1501383@buckingham.ac.uk>


The University of Buckingham respects your rights with regards to data privacy and data protection. Please review our privacy notice,

which informs you how we collect, store, use, share, process and protect your personal information.

It also tells you how you can access and update your personal information and make certain choices about how your personal information is used.

By communicating with the University, using its websites, making applications or by otherwise giving us your personal information you are accepting

the practices described in this Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to this Privacy Notice, please do not give us any of your personal information.




5th November 2019


The match between the Pheasant Pluckers and Laleston Inn B for Nov 11th will be held at Penybont FC.


30th October 2019


The match between Oldcastle B and the Pheasant Gamekeepers for Nov 4th will be held at the Cabo Roche.


21st October 2019


The Tondu Locos quiz team based at Tondu Railway Club are seeking one or two players to join their

newly formed team. If interested please contact Jon on 07817 447267



17th October 2019


Mr. Barry Banner of Bettws and a stalwart of the Oddfellows Arms quiz team has sadly passed away.
The funeral service will be held at Coychurch Crematorium on Friday October 25th at 10am.
The quiz league would like to offer sincere condolences to all family and friends.


8th October 2019


A TV production company are making a brand new quiz show called Very Hard Questions and are looking for

teams of 3 with strong general knowledge skills who would be interested in taking part in one of the toughest quiz shows seen on TV. 


Anyone interested can apply at this link – http://bit.ly/veryhardquestions



23rd September 2019


Have opened a Facebook page. Check out Bridgend & District Quiz League.



8th September 2019


The new season will start on Monday September 30th. There will be two divisions as usual with eight teams in each,

with the Chatterton Shunters being promoted from Div. 2.

As per last season there will be three sections with all results counting.

The first Cup round for all teams will be held on 28th October.

The last match before Christmas will be on 2nd December, with hostilities beginning again on 6th January 2020.

With the temporary closure (we hope) of the Five Bells it is probable that the Oldcastle will again be a venue, but not yet confirmed.


6th September 2019


A callout to ALL teams registered for the 2019/20 season to PLEASE send current contact details (email, phone, mobile etc.)

to me ASAP. stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk or 07971885998


3rd September 2019


After extensive advertising in the Gazette, Gem and on Bridge FM, registration took place at Tondu Railway Club.

The entertaining Muriel Williams quiz was held with the following results.


Penybont Nomads 83

Chatterton/Prince 76

Crown 72


We are delighted to welcome a brand new team that will play at Tondu Railway Club and known as the Tondu Locos,

and a new team from the Pheasant Penyfai, who will be known as the Pheasant Pluckers.


It is anticipated that the first matches will be played on September 30th.

Teams that have registered so far for 2019/20 are:-


Cabo Roche Bridgend

Chatterton Arms Pencoed

Crown Maesteg

Five Bells A Bridgend

Five Bells B Bridgend

Laleston Inn A

Laleston Inn B

Mackworth Arms Laleston

Penybont Nomads Bridgend

Pheasant Gamekeepers Penyfai

Pheasant Pluckers Penyfai

Prince of Wales Rebels Coychurch

Six Bells Clangers Coity

Tondu Locos

Tondu Railway Club

TyRisha Royals Pen-Y-Cae


Muriel Williams winners 2019 the Penybont AFC Nomads. Picture courtesy of Julian Rogers.



29 July 2019


2nd September 2019 / 8:00 PM / TONDU RAILWAY CLUB (STATION APPROACH TONDU CF32 9DY-01656 720005)


Are you a quiz enthusiast with 3 or 4 like minded friends and able to form a team with a venue at a pub or club in Bridgend County Borough

and available on Monday nights between late September and April?


If you can answer ‘Yes’ to the above then why not join our League in it’s 48th year, being one of the LONGEST RUNNING in the UK.

Entry costs £40 a team for the season, approx 40p per person per quiz.


Cheques should be received by 2nd September and made payable to BRIDGEND QUIZ LEAGUE and sent to:-

The Treasurer at 7, Swn Yr Adar, Penyfai, Bridgend CF31 4GE OR payable on registration night.

Please provide team details, a contact name, phone number and email address.


Why not attend at Tondu Railway Club on Sept 2nd, see what we are all about, and take part in our fun, free, general knowledge quiz,

with NO obligation to join the League.




For further information contact Steve on 01656 722754.



5th June 2019


This summer ALAN CARR is hosting a series of BIG SCALE, SUPERSIZED SPECIALS of some classic game shows for ITV1!


If you’re FUN, OUTGOING, CONFIDENT and UP FOR A LAUGH then we want to hear from you! 


We are looking for a wide range of contestants including:


  • LIVELY SOLO PLAYERS to face off against the TAKE YOUR PICK gong


  • GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE rowdy work colleagues, sports teams or friends to come on down for a game of THE PRICE IS RIGHT


  • AMATEUR DARTS PLAYERS and their quiz master friends to hit the BULLSEYE






If you think you’ve got what it takes to be selected, and want the chance of winning some incredible PRIZES and maybe

even some BIG MONEY too, then apply now at:






Epic Gameshow Team 



Alice Weleminsky-Smith | Casting Researcher | Comedy Entertainment




A: 1 Stephen St, London, W1T 1AL


T: 020 7691 6916


E: Alice.WeleminskySmith@talkback.co.uk


W: www.talkbackproductions.tv




9th April 2019


The Cup and Plate Finals for 2018/19 were played at Tondu Railway Club.


The AGM followed with all committee re-selected.

There will be NO increase in subscriptions for next season.

It is hoped we will have enough teams next season to maintain two divisions.

Thanks were given to the Railway Club for use of their facilities.



Penybont AFC Nomads Bryntirion Knockout Cup and Div 1 League Winners 2018/19


Mackworth Arms Laleston Knockout Plate Winners 2018/19


Chatterton Shunters Pencoed Div 2 League Winners 2018/19


8th April 2019


To be held at Tondu Railway Club starting at 8.30pm.


Cup Final

Penybont AFC Nomads v Tondu Railway Club


Plate Final

Mackworth Arms v TyRisha Arms


Followed by the AGM.


Motions to change the Constitution or Rules, and topics for discussion at the AGM must be with the Secretary in writing

by email or letter at least four weeks before the AGM.



15th March 2019


Martyn's funeral is on the 25th March at 1.15 p.m. Coychurch Crematorium. Family flowers only.




Happier days. Martyn proudly holding the 2018 Muriel Williams Trophy.





9th March 2019


Some sad news received this morning. Martyn Oram of the Chatterton Shunters, Pencoed has sadly passed away.

Will update when more is known regarding funeral details.


5th March 2019

The Oddfellows Bettws have withdrawn for the rest of the season as they are struggling to get a full team.




2019 Finals and AGM


8th April 2019

To be held at Tondu Railway Club starting at 8.30pm.

Cup Final --- Penybont AFC Nomads v Tondu Railway Club

Plate Final --- Mackworth Arms v TyRisha Arms

Followed by the AGM.

Motions to change the Constitution or Rules, and topics for discussion at the AGM 
must be with the Secretary in writing by email or letter at least four weeks before the AGM.



The Red Dragon team from sometime in the 90s, looks like the Muriel Williams Cup.

Rear L-R Julian Broome, George LLoyd, Jeff Simmons

Front L-R Ivor Hillman (Red Dragon landlord), Lady unknown (please let me know), Jeff North (our League founder), David Gavin.


Any photos of bygone teams would be nice to have and to publish to our website. Send to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk.





19th October 2018


A message for all quiz enthusiasts: there is a regular Tuesday night quiz starting at 8pm in the Railway Inn pub at the

bottom of Station Hill in Bridgend. This quiz has moved from the Kings Head and the more support it gets will ensure a

prize for the winner.


On Wednesday's at around 9pm at the Red Dragon pub in Litchard there is a team quiz with a meal for two or a

bottle of wine for the winners.


On Sunday's at around 830pm at the Pheasant pub in Penyfai there is a GK and music quiz with wine for the winners.


4th September 2018


Fifteen teams have registered for the upcoming season which is scheduled to begin on Monday October 1st.

The Pheasant Poachers have moved venue to the Six Bells in Coity and will be known as the Six Bells Clangers.


The annual Muriel Williams Cup competition was a very close run affair. Chatterton Shunters took the Cup with

a score of 78, the runners-up were the Laleston Dipsos, a mere one point behind on 77 with Penybont AFC Nomads

in third place on 76.



Muriel Williams Cup winners 2018 Pencoed's Chatterton Shunters

(photo courtesy of Julian Rogers)






The 2018/2019 season will start on Monday 3rd September 2018 with the Muriel Williams fun general knowledge quiz

and team registration event to be held at Tondu Railway Club (next to Tondu railway station CF32 9DY) starting at 8pm.


There will be a free to enter, open to all, general knowledge quiz with a free buffet to be enjoyed after the quiz.

Why not come along, have a drink, and see what we are all about, there is NO obligation to join the League.


The League is open to any team of 4, or indeed any individual who would like to join an existing team, within the

Bridgend County Borough. Matches are played on Monday nights on a home and away basis, from September to April with

breaks for Christmas and New Year. Questions are delivered to the home venue.


Entry for the season costs £40 per team, and can be paid on the registration night or by cheque beforehand, sent to our

Treasurer at 7, Swn Yr Adar, Pen-y-Fai, Bridgend CF32 4GE and made payable to the Bridgend Quiz League. Please provide

a contact number, an email address and team details.


Once the number of teams for the new season is known a fixture list will be distributed to all venues. Fixtures and results

will also appear on the website.


Our League has been successful for 46 years and is one of the longest running quiz leagues in the whole of the UK.


For further information please contact Steve on 01656 722754 or by email to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk


16th May 2018




17th April 2018


A long standing member of the League, Gareth Davies, who formerly played for Aberkenfig Conservative Club and later the Llynfi Arms,

has sadly passed away.

His funeral is to be held at Coychurch Crematorium at 11.30 am on Monday April 23rd.




On the 16th April 2018 the Cup and Plate Finals and AGM were held at Penybont AFC clubhouse Bryntirion.


In the Cup competition, Laleston Inn A had a very difficult start but rallied and overhauled their opponents Tondu Railway Club,

with tension rising it could have gone either way, losing on the very last question by the slimmest of margins 62-60.


The Plate was another closely fought local derby match with the Five Bells A overcoming Cabo Roche by 53-46.


Cup winners 2018 Tondu Railway Club

Hywel Matthews - Philip Eynon - Andrea Kingscott - Robert Penny


Plate winners 2018 Five Bells 'A'

Alun Tingle - Roger Carey - David Parsons - David Bate


Photos courtesy of Julian Rodgers


At the AGM it was decided that there will be no increase in next season's subscription, with the Treasurer's report accepted.

All committee were re-elected with Kevin Whykes taking on the role of 2nd Division representative.

A new format was mooted for next season, but this dependent on the number of teams registering in September.

The Muriel Williams quiz and Registration evening will most likely be held at Tondu Railway Club on Monday September 3rd.




28th March 2018

new "nd Division representative

Does your family have what it takes to beat The Chaser?

The Family Chase

We are looking for families to take part in The Family Chase. Teams should be made up of four people (plus a standby), aged 16+,

with a cross-section of ages and a combination of all relations, including but not limited to: son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, mum,

dad, grandparent.

If you think your family has what it takes to outrun The Chaser, CLICK HERE to complete an application form and you could be in

with a chance of winning a cash prize!

Last Date for Applications: 23:59 on Friday 6th July 2018 (This date may be extended without notice at the Producer's discretion)
Audition/Casting Period: March to July 2018
Age Restrictions: Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, however family team members can be aged 16+.

Terms and Conditions: The Family Chase Terms and Conditions and Full Participation Terms and Conditions apply.




11th March 2018


On the 16th April 2018 the Cup and Plate Finals and AGM will be held at Penybont AFC clubhouse Bryntirion at 8.00pm.


Laleston Inn A v Tondu Railway Club

Cabo Roche v Five Bells A



7th March 2018


4th January 2018


Cup 5 Feb 2018

Tondu Railway Club v Pheasant Gamekeepers

Pheasant Poachers v Laleston Inn A


Plate 5 Feb 2018

Cabo Roche v TyRisha Royals

Chatterton Shunters v Five Bells A



7th October 2017


TV’s biggest new game show is looking for new couples!


5 Gold Rings has taken Sunday nights by storm and we're already looking for new couples to come and play the game where

every pixel counts.


It's a game ANYONE can play... But as a couple, you'll need to think fast, move quickly and be accurate, if you want to walk

away with a cash prize!


You could be friends, family, colleagues or a couple. If you're both competitive

characters who love to play games and have fun, get in touch.


All the details are on the flyer below: please do feel free to distribute around your club, team or organisation.


To register your interest, email your name and the name of your playing partner, along with contact numbers

for you both to 5GR@itv.com. Please quote Be on TV: 5 Gold Rings Application in the email subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The 5 Gold Rings Team





23rd September 2017


Because of the Wales/Ireland World Cup qualifier on Monday 9th October the committee have decided to hold that week's

match on Tuesday 10th October.


It is thought that most venues will be very busy and noisy and not suitable to play a quiz and also that teams will struggle for

a full team owing to football attendance.


As we do not have contact details for ALL teams would you please advise as many teams as possible.


5th September 2017

After extensive advertising in the Gazette, Gem and on Bridge FM, with flyer deliveries throughout the Borough, registration took place

at Tondu Railway Club.

We are delighted to welcome a new team from Pencoed that will play at the Chatterton Arms, and some individual quizzers who have

returned to the League.


The Muriel Williams quiz was held with the winners being the very strong Penybont Nomads.


Photograph courtesy of Julian Rogers


Once the fixture list has been finalised it will be delivered to all venues and all matches will be listed on the website.

Teams that have registered for 2017/18 are:-


Cabo Roche Bridgend

Chatterton Arms Pencoed

Crown Maesteg

Five Bells A Bridgend

Five Bells B Bridgend

Laleston Inn A

Laleston Inn B

Mackworth Arms Laleston

Oddfellows Arms Bettws

Penybont Nomads Bridgend

Pheasant Gamekeepers Penyfai

Pheasant Poachers Penyfai

Prince of Wales Rebels Coychurch

Tondu Railway Club

TyRisha Royals Pen-Y-Cae





The 2017/2018 season will commence on Monday 4th September 2017 with the Muriel Williams quiz and team registration event to be held at

Tondu Railway Club starting at 8pm.


There will be a free to enter, open to all, general knowledge quiz with a buffet provided. Why not come along and see what we are all about,

there is NO obligation to join the League.


The League is open to any team within the Bridgend County Borough and matches are played on Monday nights on a home and away basis,

from September to April with breaks for Xmas and the New Year festivities. Questions are delivered to the home venue.


Entry for the season costs £40 per team, and can be paid on the registration night or by cheque beforehand, sent to our Treasurer

at 7, Swn Yr Adar, Pen-y-Fai, Bridgend CF32 4GE and made payable to the Bridgend Quiz League. Please provide a contact number and

an email address.


Once the number of teams for the new season is known a fixture list will be distributed to all venues. Fixtures and results will also

appear on the website.


Our League has been successful for 45 years and is one of the longest running quiz leagues in the whole of the UK.


For further information please contact Steve on 01656 722754 or by email to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk


22 August 2017




Hello everyone,


As avid quizzers I wanted to make you aware of our one day fun Quizzing event on 29th July 2017 at Beaulieu National Motor Museum

in the New Forest


We have an amateur quiz hosted by Christopher Biggins and a Professional Quiz hosted by Nicholas Parsons, with quest celebrities

asking the questions in specialised rounds.


The prize money for each quiz is:

1st Prize - £1000
2nd Prize - £500

3rd Prize - £250

We have many of the Eggheads and Chasers attending - who can't win the prize money - but you can.


We hope you and your teams can join us. 


For more details please see www.quizfest.co.uk or https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/quizfest-uk/.


Our celebrities include
  • Christopher Biggins
  • Nicholas Parsons
  • John Challis
  • David Hamilton
  • Helen Lederer
  • Murray Walker
  • Paul Sinha, Sean Wallace and Mark 'The Beast' Labbett as seen on The Chase
  • Barry Simmons, David Rainford, Chris Hughes, Kevin Ashman, Pat Gibson, Steve Cooke and Beth Webster from The Eggheads.






Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m currently working on BBC One’s hugely successful daytime quiz show !mpossible, hosted by Rick Edwards, which is returning for a 3rd series.

I’m looking for amazing contestants to take part and be in with a chance to potentially win a jackpot of £10,000!

The show is open to absolutely everyone as long as you are over 18 and a UK resident.

The premise of the show is an exciting yet simple one: while most quizzes only have right and wrong answers, in this quiz, there is a

third dimension…the !mpossible answer!

I was wondering if you would be kind enough with helping to get the word out about the show by circulating the attached flyer to friends,

family members or colleagues who you think may like to advantage of this brilliant opportunity.

It would be amazing if you could post it on your company intranet/website/Twitter or pop some copies in your staff room or notice board.

For an application form please email:


Any help would be greatly appreciated though if you have any questions at all, please do give us a call.

Many thanks for your time and best wishes,

Sacha & The !mpossible Casting Team





20th April 2017


Check out the Youtube link below from 1995. Our League's success on a TV quiz show.

Sadly, some members of that team are no longer with us.







11th April 2017


Bridgend and District Quiz League have completed another very successful season with the 1st Division winners being

the very strong Penybont FC Explorers.

The 2nd Division was won by the Prince of Wales Feathers (Coychurch) who were unbeaten in their 21 matches, which

is believed to be a record.

The League Cup competition was won by the Five Bells A (pictured below) after a very well fought quiz with the TyRisha Arms by

57 points to 37.


Photograph by Julian Rogers


The League Plate competition contested between the Division 1 and Division 2 winners was eventually won by

Penybont FC Explorers (pictured below) who defeated the Prince of Wales Feathers (Coychurch), the result being 62- 43.



Photograph by Julian Rogers


Our 45th season starts in September, with quizzes played on Monday nights at home and away venues throughout

the Bridgend Borough, with breaks for the Christmas and the New Year festivities.

Any team who are interested in joining the League can get further information on our website bridgendquiz.com

or by email or phone to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk 01656 722754




22nd February 2017


This season's Cup and Plate Finals will be held at Tondu Railway Club on Monday 10th April 2017.


The Cup will be contested between the TyRisha Arms and Five Bells A and the Plate between the Prince of Wales Feathers and

Penybont FC Explorers.


Following the finals the Annual General Meeting will be held. Your attention is drawn to rule C2 of our Constitution which states:-


"Motions to change the Constitution or Rules and topics for discussion at the AGM must be with the Secretary in writing at least

four weeks before the AGM".


Any items for discussion should,therefore, be sent to our Secretary, Steve Kingscott, by the 13th March at the latest.





3rd February 2017




19th December 2016


Dave Rees notified me that he believes Brian`s funeral is on Wednesday at 11.00am at Margam crematorium


13th December 2016


Sadly, we have just heard that Brian Jones who has been playing for the Explorers for the past 5 years passed away this morning.


Brian passed away in the early hours of Tuesday 13th December, in the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend.

Brian played for the Llangewydd/Explorers team since 2011.

He was battling against cancer since being diagnosed a few years ago.

His widow, Gail, has also been a member of the Llangewydd/Explorers team since 2014.

Brian was a retired schoolteacher, who taught for many years in Pontypridd.

A lifelong supporter of Glamorgan County Cricket Club and Aberavon Rugby Club.

Brian was also organiser of the popular Aberavon Rugby Club Thursday night social quiz.

He and Gail have one daughter, Marina.















Have been informed that Laleston Inn A cannot field a team v Penybont FC Explorers on 24/10/16.





The annual Muriel Williams Quiz and Registration evening was held on September 12th at Tondu Railway Club.


After a closely fought contest, in which several teams had the opportunity to win, the victors were the Penybont FC Nomads (pictured).


John,Julian,Steve H, Steve W,Don



Sixteen teams have joined the league for the 2016/17 season, with a very welcome return of the Oddfellows Arms Bettws,

these being:-


Cabo Roche Bridgend

Crown Maesteg

Laleston Inn A Laleston

Laleston Inn B Laleston

Mackworth Inn Laleston

Oddfellows Arms Bettws

Oldcastle A Bridgend

Oldcastle B Bridgend

Penybont FC Explorers (Kymco Stadium Bryntirion Bridgend)

Penybont FC Nomads (Kymco Stadium Bryntirion Bridgend)

Pheasant Gamekeepers Penyfai

Pheasant Poachers Penyfai

Prince of Wales Feathers Coychurch

Prince of Wales Rebels Coychurch

Tondu Railway Club Tondu

TyRisha Arms Pen-y-Cae


The quiz season will start on Monday October 3rd 2016. The fixture list is being compiled and will be delivered soon.


Due to the temporary closure of the Oldcastle, the teams may initially have to play matches at the away venue. More information will follow.


Due to the situation regarding Alan Rudge, for the moment, would teams notify their results by either:-


Phone to 01656 722754

Phone or text to 07971885998

email to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk


As soon as possible after matches played.











The Muriel Williams Quiz and Registration evening for the upcoming season will take place at Tondu Railway Club at 830 pm

on Monday September 12th 2016.





To clarify and answer numerous queries regarding the subscription for the upcoming season, the committee have decided not

to increase the subscription to £50.

Although a decision to increase the amount was made at the AGM, it was felt that to encourage team participation the amount

should remain at £40 for the foreseeable future.










Alan with friends and family, celebrating his 90th birthday, very sprightly and as amusing as ever after his recent ordeal. Congratulations!!





The AGM took place on the 18th April 2016.


All committee were re-elected, although there is still a vacancy for the 2nd Division representative.


Outgoings for the question setter and question delivery remain the same as last season.


A decision was passed to raise the subscription to £50 for next season. This to be discussed further by the Committee.


A proposal was brought up on the night to prevent a member of a certain team from playing next season, the manner of this proposal being against the written Rules of the Constitution.

For this to be discussed, the Chairman had no choice but to suspend the Constitution.

A rather heated discussion took place and due to percieved strength of feeling, that team member graciously decided to withdraw his participation, for initially the upcoming season. Whether the rest of his team remain in the League is another matter. It is hoped they remain.


Just to re-iterate, any topic for discussion at future AGMs MUST be recieved, by the League Secretary, in writing at least 3 weeks beforehand.




5th April 2016





11th March 2016


Alan is now receiving treatment at Bryn Y Cae Nursing home in Brackla and is likely to be there for 6 weeks.


25th February 2016


Alan Rudge is doing very well in Ward 18 POW.





22nd February 2016



Alan Rudge had a very serious fall on Monday, breaking his hip and femur. He obviously is now incapacitated and unable to deal with Monday's Cup and Plate results.


Would teams concerned please re-send the results by email to stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk or by phone to 01656722754





18th February 2016


9th February 2016


This season's League competition has now ended and the remaining matches, apart from the Cup and Plate, will be friendlies.






4th February 2016


The draw for the Cup and Plate has taken place with matches to be played on the 22nd February 2016.




TyRisha Arms v Oldcastle A

Penybont Explorers v Mackworth Arms




Oldcastle B v Cabo Roche

POW Rebels v POW Feathers


The League Finals and AGM are to be held at Tondu Railway Club on the 18th April 2016.


Please could at least one member of your team make an effort to attend as, due to diminishing team numbers, the format of next season's league needs to be discussed urgently.






28th January 2016

Hi there,


I hope this email finds you well.


We are currently on the lookout for amazing contestants for ITV’s brand new quiz show 500 QUESTIONS! 


We are very keen to recruit a diverse range of contestants from different backgrounds, so we would be very grateful if you could send an email to your quiz league/society or club members and ask all your venues that hold quizzes weekly to hand out flyers. We would also be very grateful if you could post a message on your social media platforms.


500 Questions is an intense game of strategy and stamina, the aim of the game is to hold your own and bank cash as you go. There is just one rule. Three wrong in a row and you’re out! With a challenger to take your place and tens of thousands of pounds waiting to be won, can you handle the pressure?


If you, your friends, colleagues or anyone else you know are up for a laugh, have great general knowledge and want the chance to win thousands of pounds then please head to www.itv.com/beontv/shows/500questions


The closing date for applications is the 12th February 2016. Do  let me know if you need any more information.


Thanks again,


The ‘500 Questions’ team 


Tweet us @500questionsuk



12th January 2016





As you can see from the fixture list, it is the intention of the quiz league to have a third round of matches, finishing on April 11th 2016.


If you have any concerns, please contact Steve Kingscott on 01656 722754 by Tuesday January 26th.







We are looking for contestants for the next series of
HIVE MINDS the brand new quiz series on BBC4. Do you
have what it takes to solve the hive?
Do you and your friends love brainteasers, cross-word puzzles
and tough TV quizzes? Can you answer questions on Only
Connect and University Challenge for fun?
Then this is the quiz for you.
We are looking for smart and interesting contestants for the
next series of new BBC 4 quiz show that tests your general
knowledge and mental agility skills.
We are looking for individual players as well as teams of up to
three players who have what it takes to take on the fiendish
puzzles in this challenging word game.
Age limit: Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.
To request an application form please email:
casting@saltbeeftv.com or write to:
Hive Minds Applications, Care of Saltbeef TV,
1st Floor, 25 Newman St, London, W1T 1PN
All applicants must be a resident in the UK. Employees of Saltbeef
TV, Green Inc, the BBC or close relations are ineligible to apply. Deadline for
applications is December the 20th 2015





The draw for the next round of the Cup and Plate as follows, match date TBA



Penybont FC Explorers v Penybont FC Nomads

Laleston Inn A v Oldcastle A

Pheasant Poachers v Mackworth Arms

TyRisha Arms v Crown A Maesteg


Prince of Wales Feathers v Pheasant Gamekeepers

Oldcastle B v Laleston Inn B

Cabo Roche v Tondu Railway Club

Prince of Wales Rebels v Bye










The draw for the 1st round of the Cup is as follows:-


Penybont FC Nomads v Pheasant Gamekeepers

Prince of Wales Feathers v Laleston Inn A

Laleston Inn B v Penybont FC Explorers

Tondu Railway Club v TyRisha Arms

Crown Maesteg v Prince of Wales Rebels

Cabo Roche v Mackworth Arms

Oldcastle B v Oldcastle A

Pheasant Poachers v Bye




Fifteen teams have registered for the new season, starting tonight. These being:-


Cabo Roche Bridgend

Crown Maesteg

Laleston Inn A Laleston

Laleston Inn B Laleston

Mackworth Inn Laleston

Oldcastle A Bridgend

Oldcastle B Bridgend

Penybont FC Explorers (Kymco Stadium Bryntirion Bridgend)

Penybont FC Nomads (Kymco Stadium Bryntirion Bridgend)

Pheasant Gamekeepers Penyfai

Pheasant Poachers Penyfai

Prince of Wales Feathers Coychurch

Prince of Wales Rebels Coychurch

Tondu Railway Club Tondu


Would a representative from all teams please advise us of up-to-date contact details ASAP?

email- stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk

text- 07971885998

phone- 01656722754














Richard's funeral will take place on Friday June 5th at 2.15pm in Coychurch Crematorium.

This date is provisional subject to the post mortem.





Have been informed by text that the League's former Treasurer Richard Fattorini has sadly passed away.

I have no further information at the moment other than the text received.

If anyone has any update as to funeral etc. would they please let me know on 01656 722754.

Steve Kingscott




Have been informed by Peter Jones (01656 725581) that Llynfi stalwart Graham Rees has sadly passed away aged 73.
No details of funeral arrangements are known as yet, but Peter is happy to be contacted.





30th March 2015


The registration for the new season and Muriel Williams event will take place on Monday September 14th 2015 at Penybont Football Club in Bryntirion Bridgend at 8.30 pm.

There will be a free quiz on the night with a free buffet included.

The quiz is open to ANYONE that would like to take part.




25th March 2015


To Bridgend Quiz League,

Hope you are well and don’t mind me getting in touch with you.  


My name is Jack Kisby and I am currently casting on a new quiz show involving brain teasers, word-searches and puzzles. It for BBC 4 and we are after teams of 3. Can be relatives, friends, or work colleagues – you can choose how to select the teams. If you can’t get hold of a team, we are also casting individuals and we can create teams later on down the line.


Would it be something you could flag up and circulate to your members?


To apply or register your interest, please email casting@saltbeeftv.com

Or call me on 0207 619 3425 and I would love to chat it through with anyone who might fancy applying.  


We will be holding auditions across the country in April (London, Manchester, Cardiff & Belfast) and filming in due to take place in May 2015.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,



Jack Kisby-Carroll | Assistant Producer

Saltbeef TV | Unit 5, Lysander Mews, Lysander Grove, N19 3QP

Tel: 020 7619 3423 Email: jack.kisby-carroll@saltbeeftv.com



24th March 2015


The Geartrodes (Port Talbot) Cup and Plate Finals took place last night at Tondu Railway Club.

Congratulations to the Penybont Explorers in the Cup and to Crown A in the Plate.


The AGM followed with all committee being re-elected.


The Chairman offered thanks to our sponsors for 2014/15 Allspares (Kenfig Hill) and Geartrodes (Port Talbot), and to Tondu Railway Club for the use of their premises.


The Treasurer delivered a healthy financial report.

The entry fees and remunerations for question setting and delivery remain the same for next season.


The annual Muriel Williams presentation and registration evening will take place on the first or second Monday in September and will most likely be held at Penybont FC in Bryntirion.


It is hoped that all team members will spread the word regarding the new season to encourage new teams to join our League.












17th March 2015




I don’t suppose you can help me, I work for a new BBC FOUR quiz show and we're looking for smart and interesting contestants for brand new quiz that tests general knowledge and mental agility skills to the limit.


We are looking for individual players as well as teams of up to three players who share a common passion, hobby or profession, who have what it takes to take on the fiendish puzzles in this challenging word game.


It would be fantastic if you could pass on the contestant call poster attached to anyone who attends the quiz league that may be interested, ideally via notice boards, internal emails and newsletters. If anyone is keen to apply then they can send an email tocasting@saltbeeftv.com to request an application form. Our deadline for new applicants is March 31st so submission would need to be before then the sooner the better.







14th January 2015

Only Connect 2015


The producers are looking for new contestants for the latest series of the popular BBC Two Quiz Show

'Only Connect' presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell.


Teams are made up of three players who share a common passion, ability or profession, and who wish

to pool their combined wits and knowledge to tackle our fiendish conundrums and vexing puzzles.


For further information about the quiz and to play our online game, please see our BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lskhg


If you have any questions please get in touch by sending an email to: onlyconnect@parasolmedia.co.uk


Hannah-Jane Davies | Assistant Producer | Only Connect

Parasol Media Ltd | 46 Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2DT

+44 (0) 2920 575729 





13th October 2014




12 Yard Productions are pleased to announce that the BBC2 quiz show ‘Eggheads’ is back for a 16th series.

We’re looking for fantastic teams to challenge our resident quiz show Goliaths!

What’s it all about?

Everyday a new team of challengers take on our general knowledge masters – The Eggheads – in 5 rounds of heavy hitting quizzing, hosted by Jeremy Vine, for a chance to win a cash prize.

How does it work?

In every show there are 4 individual question rounds, in which a player is asked up to 3 multiple choice questions on subjects such as Sport, Music, Food and Drink, Arts and Books, Politics, History, Geography, Science and Film & TV.

The winner of each round secures themselves an extra brain to play for their team in the final general knowledge round! The more category rounds a team wins the more players are left to confer in the final round.

In each show, the challengers have the chance to win a minimum of £1,000. If the Eggheads win, this money rolls over to the next show. Previous challengers have won tens of thousands of pounds.

Who can apply as a team?

We are looking for teams of 6 (5 players and a stand-by) with a good level of general knowledge and a real passion for quizzing who would like to give it a go.

You don’t even need to be an existing quiz team, why not create a team of friends, family or workmates? The only rule is that you know one another.

All applicants must be aged 18 years or over and be legally resident and currently living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

What happens next?

We will be speaking to teams who apply over the next few weeks, and starting auditions shortly after that. Selected teams will be invited to an audition where we will play the game and explain the casting process.

For an application form email: eggheads@12yard.com

Or write to: Eggheads Applications, 12 Yard Productions, G7, The Hub, 70 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1DZ

All applicants must be aged 18 years or over and be legally resident and currently living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

The closing date for returning application forms is by midnight on 14th November 2014.

Applications received after this date may not be considered. We reserve the right to extend the closing date at our sole discretion. Terms and conditions apply.




8th October 2014


The draw for the Geartrodes Cup 1st Round (3rd November) has taken place as follows :-


Laleston Inn A  Bye

Pheasant Poachers v Tondu Railway Club

Cabo Roche v Penybont AFC Explorers

Elderbush Nantyffyllon v Pheasant Gamekeepers

TyRisha v Oldcastle B

Pyle RFC v Crown B Maesteg 

White Horse Coychurch v Laleston Inn B

Crown A Maesteg v Oldcastle A

Mackworth Arms v Llangeinor AFC

Penybont AFC Nomads v The Star Market St. Bridgend 






9th September 2014


After a successful registration and quiz night the committee are pleased to announce that the extensive Borough wide publicity campaign via leaflet drops, newspaper articles and Bridge FM announcements has resulted in two extra teams participating in the upcoming season, bringing the total to 19. 


The much missed Llangeinor AFC are again sporting a team and a completely new team to the League, the Star Public House in Bridgend town centre, is welcomed.


The new season will start on either the last Monday in September OR the first Monday in October.


Llangewydd Arms and Swan Nomads are moving venues and will both be playing at Bryntirion Football Club.


Sponsorship has been secured for the new season from Allspares and Geartrodes, for which the committee extend their thanks.





15th July 2014


I am contacting you from a TV production company called RDF Television. We are currently looking for contestants for ITV game show Tipping Point. I was wondering if you or anyone within the organisation would be interested in applying? I’ve also attached our flyer to this email if you would like to circulate the information or if it could be included on the staff intranet?



Do you want the chance to win thousands of pounds?



Have you got what it takes to beat The Machine?



We are searching for fun, confident, outgoing people who want the chance to win thousands of pounds using a combination of skill, judgement and chance.



To apply for the show, please e-mail




for an application form, please fill it in and send it straight back to us.



Applicants must be 18 years of age or over





24th March 2014


The Intertruck (Bridgend) Cup and Pages DIY (Port Talbot) Plate finals took place with wins by Llangewydd Arms and Laleston Inn A.


At the AGM all committee members were re-elected.


The financial accounts were ratified and, as they showed a healthy balance, there will be no increase to next year's team subscription or question delivery.


The Muriel Williams Quiz and team registration evening will be held at Tondu Railway Club on Monday September 8th 2014.


Sponsorship for the next season has been obtained from Allspares and Geartrodes.



11th March 2014


Dear Bridgend Quiz League,

Thames Scotland are currently producing the Saturday night quiz show, Break the Safe, for BBC One and are looking for pairs of contestants to take part. Presented by Nick Knowles, Break the Safe sees three pairs of contestants play against each other for a potential £100,000. 

If you think you and somebody you know have the nerve, skill and general knowledge to break the safe, we want to hear from you. Your partner needs to be somebody you know really well and can be a family member, a colleague, a friend; just somebody you can put your trust in when it really counts!

We are happy to hear from anyone who is interested in applying so please spread the word to colleagues, family and friends - all help is greatly appreciated!

If you would like any more details about the show please do not hesitate to contact us on 0141 427 8160 or email breakthesafe@thames.tv






12th November 2013


The next 2 rounds of the Cup and Plate competitions have been drawn:-


Pages DIY Port Talbot Cup and Plate   9th December 2013


Pyle RFC  v  Laleston Inn B   (One Match Only)


Pages DIY Port Talbot Cup and Plate   27th January 2014



Tondu Railway Club  v  Pyle RFC or Laleston Inn B

Swan Nomads  v  Mackworth Arms

Oldcastle A  v  Crown B

Pheasant Gamekeepers  v  Llangewydd Arms



Elderbush Nantyffyllon  v  Pheasant Poachers  

Crown A  v   Laleston Inn A

Cabo Roche  v  Oldcastle B

White Horse Coychurch  v  TyRisha Royals 





12th October 2013


Pages DIY (Port Talbot) Cup


The draw has taken place with matches being played on Monday 4th November


Elderbush Nantyffyllon v Crown B

Pheasant Gamekeepers v Oldcastle B

TyRisha Royals v Mackworth Arms

Oldcastle A v Pheasant Poachers

Swan Nomads v Cabo Roche

Llangewydd Arms v Laleston Inn A

Laleston Inn B v White Horse Coychurch

Tondu Railway Club v Crown A

              Bye Pyle RFC




30th September 2013


A last minute phone call from the Elderbush Nantyffyllon calling off tonight's match v Pyle RFC again highlights the need for ALL teams to register a phone number of a team member who could then inform others in their team. 

Pyle RFC have been informed of tonight's issue and are grateful to have avoided a wasted journey.

PLEASE send info tostevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk




23 September 2013











A successful Muriel Williams Quiz and registration evening was held on Monday Sept 9th.


The committee wish to thank all that attended, with special thanks to staff at Tondu Railway Club.


Unfortunately, we have lost two teams this season, both the Six Bells Coity and the Greenmeadow Llangeinor, have not registered.


But the good news is that we have managed to attract a brand new team to the league, this being the Elderbush in Nantyffyllon.


The fixtures list is currently being compiled and will be distributed to all venues shortly, with the first matches likely to take place on September 30th.







Bridgend and District Quiz League hold a team registration evening on Monday September 9th at 8pm, to welcome their 41st season as one of the longest running and popular quiz leagues in the UK.

The event will be held at Tondu Railway Club, Station Approach, Tondu, Bridgend. Anyone interested can take part in a free general knowledge quiz on the night, with a buffet provided.

Teams of 4 players, from pubs and clubs in Bridgend Borough, are invited to join the league at a cost of £40 per team per season. 
Questions are delivered to venues with matches played on Monday evenings, on a home and away basis, from October to early April.

Anyone interested in forming a quiz team and joining the league can obtain further information from Steve Kingscott on 01656 722754.


The committee are pleased to announce the attainment of sponsorship for the upcoming season.


Thanks to the efforts of David Rees, both Intertruck (Bridgend) and Pages DIY (Port Talbot) have promised £300 each.


It is suggested that the league competition will be named the Intertruck Bridgend Quiz League and the knockout cup will be the  Pages DIY Cup. 






The Cup and Plate finals took place at Tondu Railway Club with the spoils going to the Llangewydd Arms (Cup) and the Pheasant Poachers (Plate).

The AGM also took place, with all committee being re-elected, the finances of the league presented, with the entry fee for next season remaining the same.

The need for the introduction of new teams for next season was discussed.  It is hoped that team members will publicise the league to anyone who may be interested in forming a new team.









The following request has been received, anyone interested, please contact the landlord directly.
I'm looking for a quizmaster to hold a quiz at my pub, probably on a Sunday night. Just wondering if you'd know anyone who'd be interested in doing this ?

Paul Jones
The Mountain Hare Inn
Brynna Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF35 6PG

Tel:    (01656) 860453
Email: info@mountainhare.co.uk
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Due to refurbishment of the White Horse Coychurch, the matches arranged for the 8th October and 15th October will be at THE PRINCE OF WALES COYCHURCH
The 2012/2013 season will start on Monday October 1st. We are delivering the fixture list at the moment to all 18 teams that have entered, these being;- 


Cabo Roche   Coychurch Wanderers  Crown A  Crown B

Greenmeadow,Llangeinor   Laleston Inn A   Laleston Inn B

Llangewydd Arms   Mackworth Arms  Oldcastle A  

Oldcastle B    Pheasant Gamekeepers   Pheasant Poachers

Pyle RFC    Six Bells,Coity   Tondu Railway Club

TyRisha Nomads  Tyrisha Royals

Despite a concerted effort by the committee, an extensive flyer drop to most, if not all pubs and clubs in the Borough again failed to attract new teams. 


Would ALL teams please send their contact details to:-

stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk  if they have not already.    






Monday September 3rd saw a very successful Muriel Williams quiz/registration evening.

Those that attended were treated to an appearance by our invited guest Mark “The Beast” Labbett and his team. Mark very graciously posed for photographs with one and all, presented the trophies and delivered a very entertaining talk on his quizzing history.

Mark also provided an autographed photo of all ITV's “Chasers” alongside the host Bradley Walsh; this rather unique photo is believed to be the first ever taken with the full cast of The Chase gathered together. A popular raffle was held for this photo with a sum of £57 being raised.

The excellent quiz itself (many thanks to David Rees) was a close run thing with Maesteg the worthy winners; the top six were:-

Maesteg 81

TyRisha Nomads 76

Mark Labbett and Co76

Tondu Railway Club 74

Llangewydd Arms 73

Lemurs 72





As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, Mark "The Beast" Labbett, star of ITV's "The Chase" is our guest at the annual

Muriel Williams Cup competition at Tondu Railway Club on Monday September 3rd at 8pm. There will be a FREE buffet and it is hoped that as many teams as possible will attend.

To all quiz enthusiasts, if you have three or four like-minded friends in the Bridgend County Borough area and, of course, a venue, then why not join our quiz league? It runs on Mondays from late September through to April and costs just £40 per team per season - app. 40p per person per quiz- and works on a home and away format. Sealed questions are distributed to each venue beforehand.

You can join on the night of September 3rd, or in advance by cheque made payable to Bridgend Quiz League to treasurer Mr P.Ley at 7, Swn Yr Adar, Penyfai, Bridgend CF31 4GE together with contact details and/or email address. Sorry, no late entries.

For further info, please contact Steve on 01656 722754



Dear Bridgend QL,  

I hope you don't mind me contacting you .
work for a company called 12 Yard Productions and we make the BBC quiz show Perfection hosted by Nick Knowles. We will be holding auditions for new contestants very soon and I was wondering if you or any of your fellow quizzers would be interested in applying? I have put together some additional information. 

Hosted by Nick Knowles, Perfection is an exciting true or false quiz show where contestants must achieve 100% accuracy to win a cash prize. Sort the fact from the fiction and the contestant will win. If they slip up they may have to rely on their co-players for help – but help comes at a cost. Are the co-players double bluffing to get their hands on some of the money? The contestant must decide who to trust. 

We are on the look out for intelligent, competitive and charismatic personalities who would like to take part in the programme. We will be holding nationwide auditions over the next few weeks. Any help you can provide us in spreading the word about our search for potential contestants would be very much appreciated.    
If anyone is interested please email perfection@12yard.com for an application form asap. 

Thank you for all your help. 

Kind regards, 

Jane Sharp 

The Perfection Production Team
Jane Sharp | Researcher | Perfection | 12 Yard Productions | ITV plc
G7 The Hub, 40 Pacific Quay  |  G51 1EA  |  Tel: 0141 427 2746  |  Jane.sharp@12yard.com 
Monday 26th March saw the finals of the Cup and Plate competitions for this season, with the spoils going to the Llangewydd Arms and Oldcastle 'A' teams respectively.
The AGM followed the quizzes, with very special thanks being offered to the outgoing Treasurer of the League, Mr.Richard Fattorini, who has served the
League excellently for many years,  and to the committee and staff of Tondu Railway Club for the use of their facilities once again.
Members of the Committee were elected, these being:-
Alun Tingle - Chairman
Andrea Kingscott - Vice Chairman
Phil Ley - Treasurer
Alan Rudge - Publicity
Steve Kingscott - Secretary
Mark Hampson - 2nd Division Representative
David Rees - Quiz compiler
Finances were discussed and it was agreed that next season's subscription fees would rise to £40 per team.
And also, due to lack of sponsorship and to save costs, it was decided that individual trophies to winners would no longer be awarded.
As you may be aware, next season we celebrate the League's 40th anniversary and the booking of Mark Labbett was confirmed for the registration evening on September 3rd, once again at Tondu Railway Club.
To those who watch ITV's 'The Chase' Mark Labbett (aka 'The Beast') will be a familiar figure.

Mark will attend on the evening and will bring a team to play in the Muriel Williams Quiz and will also present the trophies and give a talk on his
various quizzing experiences.
The committee are hopeful that a TV personality's appearance will bolster interest in our Quiz League and will encourage further teams to join.
Publicity is key to a successful evening and it is therefore a necessity to spread the word to those who may be interested.
Finally, if anyone has any ideas regarding potential sponsors, could you please contact me on 01656 722754 or alternatively leave a message on the website.
Steve Kingscott (for BDQL)
Stop Press
Please be informed of the forthcoming events.
1.      Cup and Plate Finals
These will be held on Monday 26th March at Tondu Railway Club,
the contesting teams being:-
Llangewydd Arms v Six Bells
Oldcastle 'A' v Coychurch Wanderers
2.       Annual General Meeting
This will take place after the above finals.
The committee urges every team to send a representative to the AGM as there are several important items for discussion, particularly
(a)  Elections for the committee, including vacancies for the posts of          Secretary and Treasurer.
(b)  Ideas for improving the finances of the League, which have been declining recently in the absence of sponsorship.
(c)  Plans for celebrating the League's Fortieth Anniversary in September 2012, which include an evening where television personality Mark Labbett (The Beast from ITV's The Chase) has been invited to the Annual Presentation Evening.
3.  Any motions for discussion should be forwarded to either Alan Rudge (secretary@bridgendquiz.com or Steve Kingscott (stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk) at least seven days before the AGM.
The draw has taken place for the semi-finals of the Cup and Plate competition to be played on 27th February 2012.
Llangewydd Arms v Tyrisha Nomads
Six Bells v Laleston Inn 'A'
Oldcastle 'A' v Tyrisha Royals
Pheasant Poachers v Coychurch Wanderers



The Bridgend Quiz League celebrates its 40th anniversary in September of this year. The committee would welcome any suggestions regarding how we might celebrate this important milestone in the league's history.

It has been suggested that the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, who lives in, and was brought up in Bridgend, be invited to the Muriel Williams registration and quiz evening in September in order to present the prizes. Tentative inquiries suggest that he would be happy to do so and his presence would also bring with it much needed positive publicity. His attendance would be non political but in order to proceed, the committee would welcome individual views on this idea.

Please leave ideas on the forum or, alternatively, email

Steve Kingscott on stevekingscott@yahoo.co.uk

Dear All,
Contestant call for BBC Four's quiz Only Connect - the quiz where general knowledge meets lateral thinking enters its sixth series.


Victoria Coren presents the 6th series of the popular BBC Four quiz show Only Connect where, as in life itself, knowledge will only take you so far: patience and lateral thinking are also vital. It’s all about making connections between things which may appear, at first glance, not to be connected at all.

We’re looking for teams of three players who share a common passion, ability or profession, to pool their combined wits to solve fiendish conundrums and vexing puzzles.


Only Connect is produced for the BBC by Presentable Ltd.



All applicants must be 18 years of age and over on the 31st January 2012.

All applicants must be resident in the UK or Channel Islands.

Past contestants and employees of Presentable, Zodiak Group of companies, the BBC or close relations are ineligible to apply.  



To request an application form please email onlyconnect@presentable.co.uk including a contact telephone number.

The last two matches of the year took place this week:-
In the 2nd round of the KO Cup Tondu Railway Club lost their 'unbeaten this season' tag when Cabo Roche were victors by 59 points to 55.
In the 1st round of the Plate, Oldcastle 'A' had their expected victory against Pheasant Gamekeepers, winning 67-46.
In the matches played on Monday, December 5th, Six Bells did well to score 41 points against Llangewydd Arms. It was a pity really to get a score that would win most games but for the fact their opponents topped it with 51 of their own to maintain their 100% record. Tyrisha Nomads have second place to themselves after their 45-39 win against their Inn-mates, the Royals who, after slipping behind early on, came back a bit in the second half. Oldcastle 'A' kept their average up with 47 versus Crown Inn 'A' who got 32. In the other first division match, Cabo Roche got their first League win of the season away to Laleston Inn 'A' by 34 points to 28.  In Division 2, even a below strength Tondu Railway Club managed a 46-37 victory against Pheasant Poachers to stay on top four points ahead of the Poachers. Then come Coychurch Wanderers, who had a bye this week, and Laleston Inn 'B' who beat Pheasant Gamekeepers 45-38. This means these two remain two points clear of the Gamekeepers. Then come two teams who won this week, Greenmeadow, 47-40  winners at Pyle RFC and Oldcastle 'B' who were beaten 43-41 at Crown Inn by the 'B' team with the losing Pyle team holding up the rest of the table.
Alan Rudge (BDQL)
Friendly matches
As there is a bye in both divisions each week it is possible that the teams concerned may wish to organise a friendly match. Any teams wishing to do so should make the necessary arrangements, then contact David Rees on
07951 279454 who will prepare an extra set of questions for delivery to the venue concerned. This should be done by December 7th to allow time for any such fixtures to commence from January 9th onwards.
Nov 21st.The draw for the next round of Cup and Plate to be played on
30th January 2012:-
KO Cup
Pyle RFC  v  Laleston Inn 'A'
Llangewydd Arms  v  Crown 'B'
Mackworth Arms  v  Tyrisha Nomads
Cabo Roche  v  Six Bells
Greenmeadow  v  Tyrisha Royals
Crown  'A'  v  Oldcastle 'A' 
Oldcastle 'B'  v  Pheasant Poachers
Laleston Inn 'B'  v  Coychurch Wanderers
Here is the revised draw for Round Two of KO Cup & Round One of Plate the matches to be played on Dec 12th 2011:-
Cup-- Tondu Railway Club  v  Cabo Roche
Plate-- Oldcastle 'A'  v  Pheasant Gamekeepers
Back to the normal League fixtures on Monday 14th November. Llangewydd Arms dished out their weekly mauling of opponents by beating Crown Inn 'A'  58-37. Mackworth Arms had a fruitful visit to Laleston Inn 'A', coming away winners by 45 points to 28 and Tyrisha Royals made 46 away to Cabo Roche who managed 38. Oldcastle 'A' hit top form too when they proved just that bit better than Six Bells as the 52-40 scoreline indicates.  In Division 2,  Tondu Railway Club, although riding high did not have an easy task against Oldcastle 'B' but managed to get the better of them by 44 points to 37. Pyle RFC just cannot get a winning run going. This week they scored 36 but Crown Inn 'B' were that much better and got 49. Laleston Inn 'B' did well at Coychurch Wanderers to gain a victory by 47 to 41 and finally a closer result between Pheasant Poachers and Greenmeadow which the former won 42-39.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-  results@bridgendquiz.com or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386.

On Monday, November 7th the first round of the KO Cup took place in which all teams took part. There were no "giant killings" and results were pretty much as expected; to current form. The holders, Llangewydd Arms had beaten their opponents, Oldcastle 'A' in the league three weeks previously and did so again by a similar margin. Score this time 66-56. There were at least two 'local derbies', Laleston Inn 'A' beat Laleston Inn 'B' 67-47 and Tyrisha Nomads were just too good for the Royals and won by 73 points to 57. Two other teams hit the sixty mark, Crown Inn 'B' had a 64-57 win at the Pheasant Gamekeepers and Mackworth Arms took the valuable scalp of Crown Inn 'A' by 60 to 54.  The expected close encounter at Tondu Railway Club failed to materialise and the hosts overwhelmed the Pheasant Poachers 85-32 which included a maximum in the Roll-up round. It was pretty close at the Six Bells as the totals 54-50 indicates. In the remaining two matches, both home teams triumphed. Cabo Roche saw off Oldcastle 'B' 56-41 and Pyle RFC had their first win of this season, beating Greenmeadow by 49 points to 38.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-  results@bridgendquiz.com or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386.



On Monday, October 31st. first division matches went very much to form. Llangewydd Arms beat a good Mackworth Arms team by fifty-five points to forty-three,Six Bells were no match for Tyrisha Nomads who won 52-29, Oldcastle'A' had a successful trip to Cabo Roche, winning by 45 points to 36 and Tyrisha Royals had a 43-37 home win against Laleston Inn 'A'.
   In Division 2, Tondu Railway Club continued on their merry way at the Greenmeadow with a 52-41 victory and Laleston Inn 'B' kept Pyle RFC on the bottom by beating them 43-27. The remaining two matches were low-scoring affairs. Oldcastle 'B' beat the Pheasant Gamekeepers 35-30 and Pheasant Poachers edged out Coychurch Wanderers by 32 points to 31.

Alan Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-  results@bridgendquiz.com or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386



On Monday, October 24th.in Div1, Llangewydd Arms won the third match of the three they've played  and moved to the top of the table, from where it would be a foolish person to bet on them being dislodged at any time this season. This week they disposed of the challenge from hitherto unbeaten Tyrisha Royals by 52 to 39. After these two we have six teams , all on four points. Crown 'A' who lost at the Mackworth Arms  47-34, Oldcastle 'A' who won a close  encounter away to Laleston Inn 'A' by 41 to 40, Tyrisha Nomads, 47-38 winners against Cabo Roche and Six Bells who had a bye. Cabo Roche are joined at the bottom by Laleston Inn 'A'. who are both without a point.

In Div 2 Tondu Railway Club seem eager for an early return to the top tier as they accounted for Coychurch Wanderers who also look strong possibles for a quick return from whence they came. Score was 51-47 to Tondu. Next we have the two Pheasant teams, Gamekeepers who beat Greenmeadow 42-31 and Poachers, winners of a low-scoring  match at Pyle RFC by 36 to 33. Oldcastle'B' who had a bye are level with Greenmeadow and Laleston Inn 'B', who won at Crown 'B' by 42 points to 39. The latter have no points along with Pyle RFC.


Alun Rudge (BDQL)


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-  results@bridgendquiz.com or otherwise by phone to 01656 653386



The draw for the Knockout Cup took place on 17th October. 


Knockout Cup Round 1 (7th November)

Match 1. Pyle RFC v Greenmeadow Llangeinor

Match 2. Oldcastle 'A' v Llangewydd Arms

Match 3. Crown 'A' Maesteg v Mackworth Arms

Match 4. Tyrisha Royals v Tyrisha Nomads

Match 5. Pheasant Gamekeepers v Crown 'B' Maesteg

Match 6. Tondu Railway Club v Pheasant Poachers

Match 7. Laleston Inn 'B' v Laleston Inn 'A'

Match 8. Six Bells Coity v Coychurch Wanderers(White Horse)

Match 9. Cabo Roche v Oldcastle 'B'

Knockout Cup Round 2 (12th December)

Winners of Match 6 v Winners of Match 9

Plate Round 1 (12th December)

Losers of Match 2 v Losers of Match 5


Would teams please note that the preferred way to leave your results is by emailing them to:-  results@bridgendquiz.com




Are you :-
A quiz enthusiast with three or four like minded friends?
Able to form a team at a pub or club in the Bridgend County Borough area?
Available most Monday nights between late September and April?
If your answer is “Yes” to all three, then why not join our quiz league, one of the LONGEST RUNNING in the UK?

Entry costs just £40 per team per season - or app.40p per person per quiz. Cheques should be made payable to  BRIDGEND QUIZ LEAGUE and sent to The Treasurer, 7,Swn yr Adar, Pen y Fai, Bridgend CF31 4GE together with a contact number and/or email address by Sept. 8th 2014.                   Sorry, no late entries!

OR why not JOIN US on our registration evening at Tondu Railway Club on Monday, Sept 8th 2014 at
8pm for our annual, enjoyable, FREE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE quiz.
There is absolutely NO obligation to join the league, come along and test your brain cells!!

It’s a FREE QUIZ and there is a FREE BUFFET!

For further info contact Steve on 01656 722754

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2nd Division Rep:

Quiz Compiler:


Alun Tingle

Andrea Kingscott

Phil Ley

Steve Kingscott

Kevin Whykes

David Rees