History (part 8)


The position of Chairman was held for a number of years by David Gavin. He was succeeded by the present Chairman, Alun Tingle. Alun has managed to perform this task diligently for over twenty-five years during most of which he was teaching in Cardiff. The  job of Secretary has been well served over the years by people such as Peter Hermolle & Graham Jones. In 1994 Alan & Andy Rudge were appointed joint Secretary & Results Secretary which seem to have worked well, but in recent years, with Andy being out of the country for varying periods more has fallen on Alan's shoulders. This brings us to a valid point that has been raised. It goes without saying that the members of the committee are not getting any younger and though they are willing & able to continue as at present, it is obvious that there should be people available to take over when the time comes, fully conversant  with the workings of the committee. Therefore, we are hoping some of the younger lads & lasses will come forward to liaise with committee members and be made aware of what is involved in its running. We hope that many of you have found this brief history of the League interesting and if that is so, then our time has not been wasted. If there are any points you'd like added to this history please email webmaster@bridgendquiz.com.

Let us hope, therefore, that the Bridgend Gem Quiz League continues to go from strength to strength for many years to come. It has been suggested that we may well be the oldest continuously existing quiz league in the country.

Alan Rudge (Secretary)


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