History (part 6)


The ten teams who played in the first season were:-  Bridgend Rugby 'A', Bridgend Rugby 'B', Bridgend Conservative Club, Ewenny Rd Social Club, Glanrhyd Social, King's Head, Railway Inn, Red Dragon, REME 39 Club, & Royal Oak Bridgend. Four of those venues are no longer in existence, two of the pubs now have different names, while three have the same names but no longer participate. None of the original teams are left. There are only two of the original players still actively involved i.e. Jeff North & Graham Jones.

It is true to say that quizzes are habit-forming. They almost get into the blood and some players will go almost anywhere to take part in a competition or even play quiz machines. Among those who readily spring to mind are: Barry Hines, David Rees, John Davies, Steve Williams, John Young, Gaorge Sheldrick, Andrea & Steve Kingscott, Alan Rudge & Mel Thomas. One or two of them have even done well on Radio & TV shows such as Mastermind, Fifteen-to-One, Great British Quiz and Brain of Sport. The coming season looks as though it may be the most competitive for some time with a number of teams bunched near the top in both divisions.


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