History (part 4)

The late 1980s also witnessed the rise of another team who had the tag of "invincible" placed upon them. This may have been a slight exaggeration, perhaps "extremely formidable" would be a more appropriate description. They too resided at a number of places, starting at the Pheasant Penyfai, through Tondu Railway Club, Bridgend A.F.C., the Golden Lion Aberkenfig and thence to the Prince of Wales Aberkenfig. They were champions on a number of occasions and always up near the top. Although the team members changed somewhat over the years, mention must be made of the stalwarts who, throughout the seasons, maintained the high standards of the early days. Originally from the Port Talbot League, they are Alan Coombes (an excellent all-rounder), Barry Hines (their sports ace and not bad either on general knowledge) & John Davies, a former Chief Supt. of traffic with South Wales Police. John was with the team for a number of years, had a short spell with the Cavs., was away for a year or two, then rejoined Alan & Barry and, let it be said, as a quiz player, he's right up there with the likes of George Sheldrick.


Joe Price, a first season winner, Martin Bussey & Gareth David were other regulars. Before moving on, mention must be made of David Rees. He too played for them for a number of years, but these days his spare time is almost entirely taken up as the League's 'Question Setter'. He now compiles them for the League's two divisions, the KO Cup & Plate Comp. and the annual Muriel Williams Cup (the latter always take place on the Presentation evening). David is held in high regard for all the things he's done and is doing for the Gem Quiz League. 


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