History (part 3)

The original quiz setter, Jeff North, had begun playing on a regular basis and by the 1980s was a permanent member of the Red Dragon team. Consequently, new setters emerged to take their turn in different years. They included Tom Crowley, Mike Fletcher, Steve Williams, Gerald Price, Alcwyn Trowbridge, Les Howells, Graham Jones, Gareth Davies and Roger Thomas.


By the end of the 1970s, a Knock-out Cup was introduced by Mike Fletcher and has run alongside the League competition ever since. In the mid to late 1980s at the West House, Bridgend, there arose a team which became tough, if not impossible, to beat. This was made up mainly of three star players, Roger Thomas, Jeff Howells & Jeff Caldwell. After a spell as champions, their reign was interrupted by a new team known as the Cavaliers, formed at Glanrhyd by Steve Williams with strong support from Peter (Gus) Richards & a "mustard-keen" all-round star from Cardiff, George Sheldrick. The Cavs. were based at a number of venues, including Glanrhyd, the old Tondu R.F.C. Club, Craig-yr-Eos, Aberkenfig Consevative Club & Royal Oak (Bryncethin).


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