History (part 2)

Ewenny Road also had a father & son playing for them. They were John & Peter Hermolle, who ran the Toye, Kenning & Spencer badge factory in Lewistown and, together with Jack Tozer and their expert on sport, David (Slogger) Greenslade, formed a very formidable team. (The last named was the first of a number of men to find fame through the Sunday People Sports Quiz).

The intense competition between the two sides was a talking point throughout the league during the first few years. Notwithstanding the excellence of these two, neither of them won the first title. Surprisingly, that honour went to Glanrhyd Social who stole it from under their noses on the very last night of that opening season. Their team members were Harold Joyce, David Lewis, Joe Price & Derek Simms.

Bridgend Rugby managed it in the second season and Ewenny Road in the third. The latter were helped by Lynne Longford James, a lecturer in Cardiff Training College and George Lloyd, the Under Manager of Wyndham Western Colliery. A few years on and Mike Fletcher had jouned Tom Crowley & Co. in a new Bridgend Rugby Club side, which combined the former 'A' & 'B' teams. Eventually, Tom Crowley moved from the area and Mike Fletcher took over the mantle of captain. By this time a new "Top Team" had emerged, namely, Aberkenfig Conservative Club, well led by Gareth Davies, ably assisted by Steve Williams & Graham Walker.


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