A brief history of the league by Alan Rudge.


In 1973 Mr. Jeff North founded the Quiz League in Bridgend and ever since then has kept little jottings & snippets of interest and recently gave them to me to show those who might wish to see them. I feel sure that most members of teams in the league will find them as fascinating as I do, therefore, I have arranged them as best I can in chronological order. From 1994 we became known as the Bridgend Recorder Quiz League and then later the Bridgend & Porthcawl Gem Quiz League in recognition of the generous & continued sponsorship by the local newspaper.


The very first week of the League began with just eight teams & four matches. They were Ewenny Road Social v Royal Oak (Bridgend), King's Head v Conservative Club, Railway Inn v Red Dragon and REME v Glanrhyd Social.

Within a week or two, Tom Crowley & Paul Jones having heard of the Quiz League, asked Jeff North if they could enter two teams from the Bridgend Rugby Club. They were to be known as Rugby 'A' & Rugby 'B'. The late Tom Crowley (a graduate of the Open University) brought together a strong team consisting of John O'Brien & a very intelligent father & son pairing, Bill & Jeff Hughes and were supported everywhere by the "legendary" David Dobbs.


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